Match Twillies to Bag Hardware?

  1. I've seen the pictures some of you have posted of twillies wrapped around the handles of your bags - so cute (and functional)!

    I went to to check out their online selection, and the one I immediately loved was black with a gold and red print (I wear a lot of black/charcoal, with red as common accent color). My bag is black with PH though...

    In your opinion, would the gold in the twilly clash with the silverish hardware on my bag, or do you think that being a print on cloth wrapped around handles that it would register as more of a yellow color? I'd need two, so purchasing from a reseller is probably out of the question, but I can be patient and wait for other scarves.


    For reference, here is the picture from

  2. I think the "accepted practice" here is to match/contrast to bag colour, rather than hardware. Definitely since gold isn't a major part of the colour, you could put it on a PH bag without it looking out of place at all.

    As you mentionned, it registers more as a yellow, rather than a true "gold".
  3. I don't think it would be a problem at all.
    Love the twilly.
  4. I think this twilly will match your black bag well. There is too little palladium on your bag to distract from the abundance of gold on the twilly. The twilly will draw attention to itself, and away from bag's hardware.

    Get a matching pair of twillys, and share pictures with us. :tup:
  5. I love the twillies. Can't wait to see the pictures