Match Sunglasses to Purse??

  1. Do you ladies feel the need to match your sunglasses to your purse? I'm not talking about just color but as far as Designer.
    I have 9 different Chanel sunglasses that I wear with my Chanel/LV/Dior purses but it never feels right when I wear my them with LV and Dior.

    I know the solutions is that I need to buy some LV and Dior sunglasses instead of always going for the Chanels (which i just :heart:)...but is this a big deal to anyone?
  2. No I don't match my sunglasses with my purse. I don't think it's necessary and to match designers.
  3. I own two pairs of Juicy Couture sunglasses in the same style but different color. I wear them with everything ... I don't think it's a must to match brands.
  4. No, I don't feel the need to match my designer glasses to designer purse.....:supacool:
  5. Since I love Chanel, I get a little worried that people think I look too matchy!
  6. No, my sunnies don't need to match with my handbags...there will be too much to think about before I step out the need for more worry.:push:
  7. There is a such thing as being too "matchy matchy". IMO this is one of em.
  8. Nah, I never feel the need to coordinate sunnies to bags as far as designers go. Color is another thing though - brown bag = brown or tortoise sunnies for me. :smile: Most of my sunnies happen to be Chanel, and I do carry Chanel bags a lot, so by default they sometimes match haha... but not intentionally, because I agree with Luccibag about being too "matchy matchy," so sometimes I reach for other designers (in sunnies). :smile:
  9. Mine match by default too, although I am kinda anal about wanting Chanel sunnies to match my purses.
  10. I'm pretty opposite. When I wear my chanel bags I reach for the valentino or dior glasses. When I have my balenciaga or LV I wear the Chanels. I just don't want to overdo it on the logo.