match or not to match accessories


Matching accessories a do or a don't

  1. match color of bag not necessary to match leather

  2. match leather of bag not necessary to match color

  3. match color and leather of bag

  4. not necessary to match color or leather of bag

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  1. I was looking at accessories to go with my new Bolide, and the SA had a suggestion. Instead of getting accessories (wallet, agenda, etc.) in the same color as the bag she suggested getting accessories in all different colors but in the same leather. She said it would be more interesting .... kind of a rainbow effect when you look in your bag. I thought that was a pretty neat idea. Do you think the accessories should match in color and/or leather?
  2. No I do not think they have to match - it's totally a personal preference! I love having that "rainbow" effect IMO! That way I do know that when I peek in and reach for my wallet it's cyclamen, and the agenda is red, etc. - actually last night I was peeking in a book by Kate Spade on the insides of women's handbags...and a couple of them did have H items and I think both sets were the same color and I did think it was kind of boring! But that's because I just love color so much that it's fun to mix it up...except for the problem I have with my cyclamen wallet in my rouge h plume - that combo is NOT working for me lol!
  3. Kat...I still drool over the pics 24FBG used to post of her bags with all the colorful accessories tumbling out.......*sigh* beautiful!

    I think the many colours/same leather is a fine idea.....although I wouldn't mind if they weren't all the same leathers either. This is coming from a very 'matchy-matchy' girl!!!!
  4. ohh - what's the book, S??
  5. Oh GF I wanted to mention that picture as well!! Sooo pretty...

    GF the book is titled "Contents" and was done a few years ago...they have all the pics of the insides and details written of what everything is, and then in the back the picture of the bag that they go in...and a short description of the's pretty cool and I enjoy looking at it! 2 birkins I think -- I have to look it over again....
  6. yeah, i would love the rainbow of colors inside my bag. it's fun and it would go well with your variety-colored H handbag collection (and not just one bag) !
  7. GF - you're "matchy-matchy"? OMG, how funny, from all your posts I thought you would be the kind that would throw things together and end up looking so pulled together from mismatched stuff, kind of like Isabella Blow on her days off. ;)

    I'm deliberately un-"matchy matchy", probably sometimes too deliberately so. Hell, I won't even wear a Prada (my fave for clothes) top and a skirt from the same collection, instead choosing to cross-fertilise across seasons.

    At the moment I'm using a fuschia ostrich birkin w/ a leopard print calfskin wallet from Prada. Last month I was using a potiron clemence JPG with a compact ostrich Bearn in (OMG, sorry, memory like a sieve) something lighter than gold but darker than natural.
  8. I'm all for a variety of color--especially when it comes to smaller accessories--perks me up everytime I peek in and see a little red, orange, and purple!
  9. don't you just love Isabella??

    actually, I just asked my Mum, and she reckons I'm not matchy at all - LOL!! I perceive myself differently from what I actually am, apparently!!
  10. I love that Hermes has so many yummy colours in all their diff leather types, so I would prefer to have an assortment of colours and leathers too for accessories. I'm not one who's particularly matchy-matchy. In fact, I think I'm more like WN above (although perhaps not deliberately unmatching, hehe). I just tend to chuck stuff together that don't particularly match but all in all, look fine in an ensemble:smile: Well, at least I think so, lol!
  11. OK, my best friend just told me I'm

  12. I always think that a particular accessory will be easier to find if they are different colours, especially if in a rush.
    Of course, I do not always follow my own wisdom.
    I do think that it is good to have a wallet a different colour so that it takes one glance to make sure it is still there when traveling or at a fair or somewhere prone to pick pockets.
  13. I like all the accessories to match (in my case orange) but they don't need to be the same color as the bag. :lol:
  14. I am normally a "matchy matchy" girl but Hermes' rainbow of colors is really throwing me off! Too many choices!!
  15. You're "tonal"? WTF is that supposed to mean? :shrugs:

    If someone said that to me I might be tempted to wop them one, maybe because in my mind it's got connotations of boring. Think tone on tone and interior decor - shades of neutrals piled on top of each other: ecru, camel, vanilla etc.

    Isabella is great. Anyone who keeps a suite at the Ritz even when they're not staying there, just to keep her couture clothes, gets my vote any day.

    Don't the Hermes people need muses the way the clothes designers do? I'm sure most of the tPF'ers would volunteer for the role. :P