Match accessories or not?

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  1. I'm contemplating purchasing a MK wallet and card holder. I wish I could get one of the smartphone wristlets however my phone is too big. :sad:

    I only have a Cherry coloured bag but I think I'll be getting a Navy or Coral wallet and card holder. As much as I'm liking the Coral I think Navy would match more though.

    So this got me thinking... Do the users of this forum match the colour of their MK bags with their purses, phone cases, jewellery? If you don't tend to match, what colour combinations do you like or use yourself? :biggrin:
  2. I used to have to have matching wallets but now I like bright colors one like raspberry or mint so that I can see and easy access. I a plethora of multi color items and some bags with matching wallets. It can also be other designers too. I look at functionality.

    Cherry is pretty. Maybe a multi color wallet, or navy big wallet and coral card holder. Good luck!
  3. I have very few matching! My husband likes matching so bought me a mandarin wallet to match my bag. Funny thing is I would rather have contrasting!! I match the mandarin for his sake. For cherry I would choose navy (the tones are very similar). I have a green wallet I use with my red and navy bags. I also use aquamarine with my navy. For my browns I use a cream wallet. For my only black bag I would use any colour other than black!
  4. I love to match or to tone.
    I've posted a reveal in the other bags thread today. Got a new purse which is going to be massively useful, it tones with my MK cross body's.
  5. Ooh raspberry and mint are lovely. I would have gone for mint accessories but think it would clash. I was thinking of looking at other designers but don't really know many admittedly that is the same quality and similar pricing. :sad:

    I am leaning more too Navy at the moment but a multi colour one may be good. Thanks! :biggrin:

    Matching can be quite nice though however it's nice to make each stand out at times too! :smile: yeah I thought cherry and navy would be a nice blend but not too contrasting. I wear a lot of blue and red but that coral colour is really pretty. Black is a great colour for a bag as matches everything and any different coloured accessories.

    Oh I'll have to check it out :smile:
  6. I really love contrasting colours, but before I used to always buy a bag with matching accessories. Seeing as a majority of my bags are neutral colours, I love having wallets and accessories that are different colours but still complement my handbag, so I think the Cherry with Navy accessories would look really good! Using a bag with a different designer wallet however was unthinkable but now I stick to one brand for a majority of my wallets because their design meets my needs, the quality meets my standards, and their wallets still look good with my selection of bags that are by other designers.
  7. I like to try and match things as well but think I'm leaning to Navy as a lot of my clothes are dark blue/navy or red/burgundy so thought it was good to try mix and match the bag and wallet. I'd also like to get a card holder for easy access to a few cards that I'd like to just be able to pull out quickly but aren't so valuable. :biggrin:
    If you wouldn't mind I'd love to know what designer/brand you use for your wallets? :smile:
  8. I normally don't tend to match my purses to my handbags like for like, I have tended to go for similar tones as in pinks, purples as they complement each other and the bags I have. I got matching items for my coral as I was just like 'i'l just but a coin purse' then before I knew it I was sucked in to that colour and now have two bags to match go with what ever makes you happy to use and look at ️
  9. Your wardrobe sounds like mine in regards to colours. I stick to black, greys, and lots of rich "fall colours" such as navy, dark green, burgundy, plum and burnt orange/mustard yellow. The wallet that has become my "go-to" in the last year or so is the Kate Spade Cedar Street Lacey wallet, which is basically just a saffiano continental wallet but it fits everything without stretching or losing its shape, so I've accumulated approximately 10 of them. I usually carry my cards and it has lots of extra slots for cash, coupons (I always have them for bath and body works) and receipts, as well as my iPhone 6S.
  10. That's exactly like me! :biggrin: and I just checked out the Kate Spade Cedar Street Lacey wallet and I've fell in love with the holiday denim/ off shore colour :biggrin: plenty of card slots and compartments for various things. Sadly my phone wouldn't fit as I've got the iPhone 6s Plus but that's to be expected as most don't fit this model. Thank you for telling me about this wallet. It is more expensive than the MK wallet but I'd say it provides a lot more and based on pictures it looks just as good quality. :biggrin:
  11. It is a lovely colour so I would probably do the same if I had the Coral colour. I haven't found many cherry coloured wallets. I'm definitely going to go with a navy wallet. Thanks to reginaPhalange I may be going for a different designer now though. :P
  12. I never pay attention to whether my wallet matches my bags. I buy the wallets for their look/function, not for matching capabilities. I know that a lot of women prefer matching, but it just doesn't bother me.

    However, if you are looking to match, the navy would compliment coral much more. I too want something in coral, I am thinking a crossbody bag for Summer would be nice.
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  14. I wish I was like that, would make it so much easier to decide :P I'm one of those women that it has to provide everything I need but also look good. If it doesn't look good I'll be put off buying it. :blush:
  15. I love that colour combo, I think it went on sale recently too so you're in luck! The retail price in Canada is $228 but I've always paid approximately $90-$125, because the colours I like always go on sale eventually. Plus they offer 15% off to students on all purchases and new customers.