Match a Chloe Paddy in Blanc to a Balenciaga Color?

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  1. My second to the last paddy is for sale on ebay and I am contemplating selling my favorite of all paddy's in favor of a Balenciaga :heart:

    Can anyone tell me if this color would map to Naturel or maybe Mastic?? It's totally different than my 05 white work.

    The thing is I have a pair of adorable wedges that are in the same color. I'd like to have a semi-matching bag to wear with them.

    This is a true-to-life shot of the color:

  2. Awesome lookin bag!! + Shoes!!
  3. I would say Natural or the new Fall Ivory. Mastic is darker than Sandstone so it won't match.
  4. I was just going to say the same thing.:yes:
  5. I dont know. I had Natural, it seems to be darker with more beige undertones than blanc. Some even have greenish undertones.

    You may want to try Ivory. Its going to be a creamy off white.
  6. it looks to have slightly pink undertones -- calcaire?
    not naturel though.. maybe the new ivory. :smile: good luck!
  7. This bag has definite yellow undertone (the craie had pinkish undertones, very similar to calcaire I think). It's like a very very very pale cup of coffee and cream.

    So you all think wait for the Ivory?? My credit cards would appreciate that for sure!! :shame:
  8. Some of Balenciaga's whites tend to be really creamy/ivory in color. That would be my first choice. The next best thing would probably be ivory form this coming fall.
  9. An Ivory City or Work with Gold GH would be stunning!!:tup:
  10. It has already been mentioned, but I agree with the new Fall "Ivoire" or Ivory
  11. So I am on the wait list for the ivory clutch :yahoo:

    Although the SA said there was no guarantee I would get one.

    Should I keep or sell the Chloe?!?!??!

    the leather is easy to care for, easy to repaid
    doesn't attract dirt

    it's soooo darned heavy!!!
    it's got that humongous padlock that flips around and smacks everything it's way

    ??? :shrugs:

    Advice, opinions, etc please :heart:
  12. OMG! I arrived just in time!

    DO NOT SELL THAT PADDY! Are you nuts! That bag is gorgeous, the leather is TDF! You are killing me right now! Treasure it, hold on to it, you can always buy more b-bags, but that Paddy is irreplaceable! So, get both! The Ivory Clutch, and keep that paddy!

    Just my 2 cents:P
  13. "Paddy" and sell should never appear in the same sentence. A Paddy is Forever!

  14. Amen sister!
  15. We're not biased! As to keeping, the pros: everything! Cons: none. :P