Mata Hari Fall Winter 2010 Collection


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Nov 3, 2010
Houston, TX
I know it's all about Prada, Gucci, and Chanel here but I was wondering if any of you had opinions on the Mata Hari Fall Winter Collection? Its mostly all young and fun but it's inspired by some of the most well-known stylist (i.e Mariel Haenn) from all over the world. You can read my post about it on my blog here or go to the Mata Hari website here because I honestly don't feel like posting the entire collection here. I actually saw someone with the "Linda" bag today in person and I'm thinking of ordering one. What do you think? It's such a difference from my everyday LV, Givenchy, or Coach bag, I love the color. It doesn't hurt to pop out with colors once in a blue moon, right?

Here's one of the bags, not the one I'm talking about, but another I like in the collection.

Here's the one I want to purchase:



Sep 27, 2008
san diego
It's definitely different. I can say it's something I'd be able to pull off, but if you can work it into your wardrobe, I say go for it.

The first one, though...TBH I think it would look better without the chain. It has too much going on.