Mat Fowler Handbag, Blue or Red?

  1. hi,
    just to let you know, the Mat material get scratched up really quickly. My boyfriend had the mat wallet and keychain holder, both scratched up after <1 yr. He took it to LV and since they discountinued those items they refunded him fully (great customuer service)....
    but i have to admit they are very pretty=) if u r a careful user it should be ok.....
  2. I have the red mat fowler bag, it is more like a maroon/purpleish color which I love. The blue is nice but not as special looking IMHO.
  3. I owned a black Fowler and it was a very nice and classy bag but too small for my everyday haul. I vote for blue.
  4. thanks for all the comments! i think a purse is probably easier to keep scratch free than a wallet. wallets can get jumbled up pretty easily with keys and stuff. i think i'll get the blue!
  5. Good Choice.....I Really Like The Blue As Well!
  6. Blue!
  7. I love the blue!
  8. I vote for Blue too:yes: