Mastic v. Sahara???

  1. I keep looking at the color charts and can't figure out where these two colors vary?

    Is it just me or do they look almost identical?

    Does anyone have any insider information . . . do any of the girls who went to the trunk show at Barney's BH and saw the Sahara IRL recognize the difference?

    I am wanting to get a creamy camel like color brief and I don't know if I should go for the Mastic/Oatmeal right now or wait for Sahara.

    Any help would be great:flowers:
  2. While I can't help with the description of the Sahara, I am guessing that it is going to be lighter than the mastic. As far as creamy, caramel colors go, mastic is pretty darn near perfect. I don't see you regretting getting that color if you do.
  3. Thanks for the input! I'm seriously considering the Mastic. Still torn over whether to get it in the Brief or City. I recently got the Brief in RH Violet and "Oh my Gawd!" It is so damn beautiful:heart:

    I also just got my first RH City in black and I LOVE the look of all of those tassels hanging down. But, I really like to rock the big weekenders--so hot with heels--I guess that's why I'm torn between the City and the bigger style of the Brief.
  4. I much prefer the brief with the giant hardware, so if its between a rh city and a rh brief, I would go for the city. However, if it was between a work or weekender, I would choose those over the city.
  5. BohoChic~ I was thinking the same thing! The colors look very alike; and I would like to get a GGH in something neutral, so I am torn also. Let us know what you pick!!:happydance:
  6. I will let you know!

    I wish I could figure out how to upload my photos from my apple. I would really love to share all my bags with everyone on the forum, since I am so grateful for all of the posts. I have made many a bag selection based on what I have seen and read on this forum. I would love to contribute more. Maybe I can get one of the geniuses at the apple store to help me.

    Thank you to all of the Balenciaga Forum fashionistas!

  7. wait, wait -- don't stop on the mastic/oatmeal v saraha decision -- I'm also pondering this question and would love to hear more opinions.
  8. I'm looking for a Mastic WE but i can't find it anywhere, so i'm just waiting to see more accurate pics of Sahara. Both colors seem so similar imo.
  9. Oh my GAWD, a Mastic WE:drool:

    That's so funny because my BFF came over last night with her Ivory WE and ooh la la! It made ME start thinking about a Mastic WE. Maybe a Sahara WE? For X-mas? From my family--if I'm very good::graucho:

    I ended up going with a Juane Brief and it will be here Saturday morning, because I just couldn't wait until next week--LOL

    What's worse is that I just got the Brief in Violet, so now I am double bad . . .

    Oh well, you only live once, right?