Mastic Python?

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  1. Does anyone have a photo of the small Betty Python in Mastic? Or do you know if it is close to Ivory/ cream or more taupe?

  2. I have the chain handled Betty in python mastic and it isn't quite cream. It is a great basic color that is an off white with a tinge of grey in it so no yellowish cream or taupe colors are appsrent. Somewhere buried in here are my pics of it!
  3. Hi, sorry don't have pics but I have seen the mastic, definitely not taupe or cream, more off white/grey like Divnanata says
  4. Thanks for the info. divnanta. I was able to locate your photos, beautiful collection! I just bought the Betty Python today, it should be here Thursday!!! It actually is the same bag as yours. In my original post I didn't realize it was the chain style.

    Thanks so much
  5. Is this what you are talking about?
    Call Rachel at (503) 224-6666 ext 1255. It's 60 off at 1650.90 from 4155
  6. There was an ivory python bag on the clearance table yesterday at the Nordstrom store in White Plains NY. Not sure which Chloe it was but it was on the 60% off table.
  7. That's it! Thanks for the photo. I'm so excited to see it in person. I was drooling over one at NM in Vegas, but it was full price.....
  8. I have finally found a Python Chain Betty in mastic thanks to this thread! I remember when Divnanata got one from the Sacoche Botique in Bahrain. Unfortunately they only had that one, but after 6 months my search is finally over....thanks to all for this helpful info! You girls are the best!

  9. The bag I got definately has a yellow tone to it. There is no grey. It also had several pen marks on it- both inside the bag and outside on the scales, some of the zipper pulls were missing, and they left the store security tag on too! I went out on a limb and got it from Nordstrom (I always shop at NM), so I'm pretty disappointed because no one from Nordstrom will return my calls about the bag. I mean I really feel like they should have told me the bag was in such bad condition before I agreed to buy it. I would have never paid what I did knowing it had so much damage. I guess that's the problem with ordering something without seeing it first. :tdown:

    If they won't give me an additional discount, I'll probably be returning it. If anyone else sees a Chloe Python Chain bag in Mastic, please contact me.
  10. Sorry to hear about your bad experience with Nordstroms. I shop there alot and have had great service. You may have just gotten someone inexperienced. If you have the style # you may want to have them do a search. There could be one floating around still. Maybe a buyers remorse return!

    Good Luck!