Mastic or Creme?

  1. Hi !!
    I really really want a paddy after seeing all your beautiful handbags.. I checked on eBay.. Roz is selling a Mastic and Creme paddies.. I cannot decide what color to get.. What do you think???

    Is anyone selling their craie ???

    thanks a lot!!
  2. I actually love the creme
  3. I personally like them both....but if i had to choose, i think i'd choose mastic. It's got a lovely yellow undertone, whilst still remaining relatively neutral.:yes:

    Maybe i'd just go for both and then decide once i'd got them in my hands....

    Here's the links to Roz's auctions:

    Mastic AUTH CHLOE PADDINGTON BAG MASTIC AUTUMN 06 HANDBAG MPRS (item 270041117016 end time 26-Oct-06 21:15:47 BST)

    Creme AUTH CHLOE PADDINGTON BAG CREME AUTUMN 06 HANDBAG MPRS (item 270041117594 end time 26-Oct-06 21:17:16 BST)
  4. I'd vote for mastic.

    I saw the creme IRL and was not in love with the tone of this bag :sad:

  5. Really?? I wish I could see them IRL.... :sad:
  6. mastic :graucho:
  7. Really didn't love the creme. It was too dark for light colored bag, and too light for a beige bag, it was just weird, IMHO. DH thought so as well.

    Check - they just got mastic in for $1389 (I'll post under the shopping forum as well).

    Good luck and have fun on the hunt!
  8. I prefer Mastic as well, I agree with hmwe on the creme. It's an awkward color to me. :s
  9. They are both nice colors, but I would choose Creme for myself. =)
  10. I LOOOOOVE Mastic.
    That would definately be my next paddy color, unless I could find an 05 Craie.
  11. Thanks so much for your opinions!!

    What do you think about the blanc?? Is it really similar to the mastic?
  12. I absolutely love my blanc. However, since I have never seen mastic IRL, I can't truly compare.

    I can say that blanc is about the same color as the standard Chloe dustbag. My pics always seem to come out too white :sad:

    But it is a warm color, not white-white. I think these pics are more true to color:



  13. Mastic is a great color in rl! For a while, I had it confused with another color until I happened upon a Mastic Paddy and thought "Wow, what a great color, I wonder what it is!"

    So... that said... my vote is Mastic! Craie is beautiful too, so really, either one wil work well. But :love: the Mastic!
  14. hmwe46 - thanks for the pictures! Your bag is amazing!

    I really like the blanc for some reason, the color is beautiful... I think I like it better than the creme..
  15. I think blanc is much more beautiful than creme, creme is too dark.
    I just saw a mastic paddington on eBay and the colour is very nice too. I'll perfer blanc or mastic.
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