Mastic/Oatmeal VS Sandstone/Argile

  1. Good afternoon ladies!! I'm really craving a bag in a neutral "tan" color that would work with either black or brown, and I'm stuck between these 2 colors. Any opinions? Pros/cons? Which one do you think is the *best* neutral?

    Thank yo!!;)
  2. Mastic is the color of brown sugar and sandstone is similar, but with a lot more grey in it. I personally love and need both colors, so I'm no help here. I think mastic would probably be the most versatile since I think it looks better with bright colors than sandstone does. But, sandstone is so unusual and pretty, its worth having.
  3. I have a sandstone clutch and a mastic day, and I LOVE the mastic! Circoit is right - it is the color of brown sugar!!
  4. im currently waiting for a mastic GGH part time in the mail. it should be any day now! and i think its a gorgeous, classy color. i was also in between those two colors. i thought the sandstone would be harder to match. to me, mastic is the perfect neutral. good luck with your decision!
  5. love love love the mastic. it's soooooo yummy!
  6. I may be in the minority here, but I actually think the Sandstone is more striking. I originally purchased a mastic in the First and I ended up returning it because I thought the color was kinda blah. Of the two, I would definitely go for the Sandstone!! Good luck!! :tup:
  7. Well, I have a Sandstone RH Work and I took it to NM last month to check it out next to the Mastic they had. They only had Mastic in GH when I went and it looked alot like '05 Caramel...very pretty and golden. My SS next to it looked very dull and greyish. But I like both and think SS can go with browns and blacks so I can wear it with either.
  8. I was in between the two colors and bought a Mastic City! It is gorgeous. The perfect neutral. I'd go with Mastic =)
  9. ohh can you post pics please so I can see colors. I have a collection of bbags too and am always looking for more.
  10. ^^^ITA... I have the SS GGH work... and :heart: it! its a more unusual and striking color than the mastic... although the mastic is also very pretty... I find the SS match my wardrobe more and it looks stunning with the GGH! I think it'll also depend on what hardware you want as well... personally if I had to get mastic, I'd get it with RH... thats just my 2c! good luck!
  11. Both are gorgeous! Oatmeal is lighter and has more yellow, sandstone darker and more pink. You can't go wrong with either. Mastic is gorgeous with GSH.

    left to right:
    Greige, Sandstone, Oatmeal, '05 Caramel


    Mastic with GS:

  12. both are nice! in either hardware! :drool:
  13. Picture 111.jpg

    Picture 108.jpg

    Sandstone, I love it!!!!!:heart:

  14. I vote for Sandstone...Mastic is definately not wooing me in the shightest...