Mastic Day?

  1. I'm trying to decide on my first bbag. I was thought I was getting a Mogano City from bluefly, but it didn't work out. :crybaby: So, after some anticipation and disappointment, I've decided that the Day style may work better for me anyway. I'm leaning toward the Day in Mastic. I tend to like lighter colored bags, but I don't want to have to be too paranoid because this will be (hopefully) the bag I use for awhile. So is it silly to get it in Mastic? From the pics I've seen I really like the Mastic Day.

    Should I get a darker color? I'm also considering the Plomb, but I'm worried it'll be too dark (I have a strange aversion to black bags) or the Vert Fonce, but I wear green a lot, and I'm just not sure how that will go. Any advice would be appreciated! Mastic :tup:? Or Mastic :tdown:? Thanks!
  2. Get the mastic! I love Powder's - just the right shade of yummy!!!
  3. I did not like Mastic IRL, sorry ... especially if you wear a lot of green .... I vote for Plomb :tup:
  4. Thanks for your input. May I ask why you didn't like it? Do you think it'll clash with green? Thanks!

  5. I don't like the color .... I'm thinking it would clash with greens myself ....
  6. J, I saw the Mastic IRL the other day I a really loved it. It looks very beautiful IRL and it's gonna be my next bag color. Fwiw, the Day is my favorite style, too.
  7. Get mastic, it is gorgeous and it goes with almost everything. I like it better than greige, sandstone and natural. I, like you, have an aversion to black bags. They just don't do it for me in South Florida unless for evening wear. Here is my mastic Day bag:



  8. Beautiful, and that *definitely* would go with green!
  9. for me I'd pick mastic over mogano/cinnamon... esp after seeing powder's mastic day... it truly is very versatile!
  10. Oh, the mastic day that Powder has is GORGEOUS! ...makes me want one, too!
  11. Thanks for the pics! That's gorgeous!
  12. Joyce:

    I saw the Vert Fonce IRL and I give it a huge :tup:. It's not TOO green, KWIM? It actually looks like a dark deep and gorgeous, but the SA assured me you could see the olive in it in natural light. It's SUCH a gorgeous color...and different enough from black or brown to make it SO interesting.

    That said, I'm also loving the mastic as well. But if you fear light colors, then go with Vert Fonce