Master list of what each of us has their eye on!

  1. just incase someone else runs into it while shopping!

    As you probably know, my eye is on a Moka Ava in the Satchel style (at a great price ofcourse)!
  2. I won't be buying anything....but will keep my eyes open!
  3. Looking for edith messenger. Doesn't matter which color.
  4. Great Idea Mona! I'm looking for
    a moka or blk quilted bay @ an unbelievably great price (or at least the Sacoche price of $700)and
    the N/S Ava in drk brown!
  5. which Ava is that?
  6. thats the one I found today at NMLC in austin. Its around $1100 and have it on hold if you want it!
  7. Great idea! I can help others shop (is this called enabling?)
    I am on the look out for a python silverado.
  8. oh pretty! :drool:
    thank you!
    I will do my homework on it right away.
  9. I also happened to see it while looking for my Ava!!
  10. I am looking for a rouge Edith bowler and/or a black Edith messenger. :tup: