Master list of Saks locations that carry Chanel?

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  1. Do we have a master list of all of the Saks locations that carry Chanel? I can't find one. If not, maybe we should start one for reference?
  2. For sure Saks @ San Antionio, TX have one! :tup:
  3. Saks- Troy-Michigan
    Saks- Beverly Hills, CA
    Saks- Palm Springs/Palm Desert, CA
  4. Saks--- NYC
    Saks--- St Louis, MO
  5. Saks, New Orleans
    Saks, Orlando
    Saks, Tampa
  6. Saks, Bala Cynwyd Pennsylvania
  7. Saks, Greenwich, CT
    Saks, Santa Barbara, CA
    Saks, Atlanta, GA
    Saks, Miami, FL
    Saks, Naples, FL
    Saks, Bal Harbour, FL
    Saks, Boca Raton, FL

    It looks like Florida is full of Saks with Chanel!:yes:
  8. Saks at Dadeland Mall, Miami, Florida for sa referral pm me.
  9. Saks, Cleveland, OH
    Saks, Columbus, OH
  10. Saks, Phoenix,AZ
    Saks, Beverly Hills,CA
    Saks, Palm Desert,CA
    Saks, Santa Barbara,CA
    Saks, Denver,CO
    Saks, Greenwich,CT
    Saks, Boca Raton,FL
    Saks, Dadeland,FL
    Saks, Naples,FL
    Saks, Orlando,FL
    Saks, Tampa,FL
    Saks, Atlanta,GA
    Saks, Indianapolis,IN
    Saks, New Orleans,LA
    Saks, Chevy Chase,MD
    Saks, Troy,MI
    Saks, St. Louis,MO
    Saks, New York,NY
    Saks, Beachwood,OH
    Saks, Cincinatti,OH
    Saks, Portland,OR
    Saks, Bala Cynwyd,PA
    Saks, Pittsburgh,PA
    Saks, San Antonio,TX
    Saks, Richmond,VA
  11. wow - great list!
    Thank you :smile:
  12. pls note the orlando will be closing soon...if i heard correctly the boutique at Millienia had something to do with it closing. I heard this from a SA at Saks so i am not sure about the truth behind it.
  13. Nice list for reference!
  14. I wanted to bump this and see if anyone has any updates...
  15. That is a wonderful reference tool! Thank you so much for the work!