Master list of all new chloe bags in purple

  1. Ok so I am eyeing one of the new Chloes in purple and wanted to see everything that was available so I gathered all the pictures I could.

    Please add any others that I might have missed....
    Pigalle.jpg pigalle quilted bay.jpg purple heloise satchel.jpg purple saskia.jpg voilet anoushka.jpg
  2. more
    voilet bay patent hobo.jpg voilet patent bay.jpg voilet patent bay shoulder.jpg
  3. :tup:Brilliant - thanks for doing that MD. Does anyone else think that the Quilted Bay looks like a different colour to the rest of the bags ? All the other bags seem to be descibed as 'Purple' whereas on LVR at least, the Quilted Bay is described as 'Pigalle' and it looks pinkier to me:confused1:
  4. the first two bags are the only ones listed as Pigalle....but the lighting is really tricky when taking pictures of purple bags (i've noticed that when looking at various pics of the YSL downtown):s.
    Its best to see them IRL, which is almost impossible for me:sad:!
  5. ^almost impossible for me too Mona. But thanks for these pictures, I'm beginning to see a need for a purple/pigalle Bay!
  6. My absolute favorite!
  7. Wow you purple gals will be eating your guts out over this. Go with the purse design first and then take the corresponding purple that's been selected for the bag? I think you'll really love it or grow to love it?
  8. Thanks, very pretty, I'm really liking all those Bay styles.
  9. Who knows what color pigalle really is until we see it ourselves in person. Lighting and the calibration of our various computer monitors affect the color quality. It may be absolutely divine. It may be just what Tag needs!!
  10. You ,young lady:devil:, are a serial temptress...:lol:
  11. Oooooh - I LIKE that - "YOUNG lady"! And - yes - I have to make everybody as bad as me. But why DID I buy that Bay last night? Isn't this a case of the pot calling the kettle black??? Magic internet vibes all the way from London??? Hmmmm?????

  12. Well you certainly look like a YOUNG lady from your avatar ( if that's not the case maybe you've just got exceptionally good genes)...I'll reveal my age, if you reveal yours :yes:!

    Ok, it's a slight case of pot and kettle on the Argent Bay front, BUT I only did the conscience salving bit AFTER the deed was done (promise you I wasn't sending subliminal vibes down the ethers from London town, although I probably would have done if I'd known your finger was hovering over the 'Purchase Now' button;)).

    Of course I now desperately want to see the Pigalle Quilted Bay IRL :drool:(and I do have the Sacoche credit to spend thanks to Susie) this space :lol:!

    In all seriousness, I'm so glad to have found some likeminded girls to share my little ' hobby' with. I've actually just decided to give a wide berth this year to one of my toxic girlfriends who was forever making snide remarks about my expanding collection and making me feel bad about my spending (I don't need anyone else to do that for me:lol:!). As I said yesterday, life is too short not to derive a little joy from being well accessorised:okay:!!!
  13. There will be no age revealing! No sirree. Gotta preserve the illusion as long as I can. I will be truthful in a PM - but can I trust you??? Its like the portrait of Dorian Gray. As long as I keep buying Chloes I can stay young LOOKING.

    I do think that pigalle will be beautiful - but you must see it first to make sure. I wonder what "pigalle" means in French? I thought it was a section of Paris where they used to have a lot of prostitutes? - I'm sure not anymore in case any posters are residing there now!
  14. Ok, I'll PM you...of course you can trust me:yes: (partially because I think I'm possibly much older than you !)

    Funny you should mention Dorian Gray, because I'm currently working with a theatre designer whose next project is a dance production of 'The Picture of Dorian Gray' ( such a great story).

    I think you're right about the Pigalle. Wasn't that where Edith Piaf was discovered ?( not that I'm suggesting SHE was a prostitute of course:nogood:)
  15. Saw the pigalle irl. It is a really dark shade of purple. More bluish than red.