Master Craftman's Stamp....a myth?

  1. We were lucky enough to have an "older" hermes Craftsman at one of my stores that I visit late last year, direct from Paris. He was vacationing, but had a commitment at the store for a few days, and I happened to be there when he was. I have always the "Master Craftsman Stamp" thing (two of my bags have the "celtic cross" marking) so (assuming he was a Master Craftsman) I asked him all about it. He spoke French, so I asked through my SA (who is French) - she looked puzzled, but asked him anyway...he looked puzzled, and then said he had worked with the company for 40+ years, and had never heard of such a thing, and if there was such a thing, he would be considered one himself! *much laughter in a French accent between craftsman and SA...I secretly think at my expense!* - LOL!

    I showed him the mark on my Birkin (the Celtic Cross) and he explained (via SA) that all the celtic cross denotes is a particular "type" of leather, or leather "treatment" (I'm still not completely sure which he meant). He basically said there were Senoir Craftsmen who taught the new craftspeople, and everyone has their own number, but no-one has their own special "mark", as such. He also said sometimes, if an older, retiring craftsperson has an underling which they particularly like, they will "pass down" their number to them (and their tools!), but usually, everyone is given their own number, and keep it with them until they leave - it's quite superstitious (THAT bit added by my SA...)

    He said as far as special marks are concerned, the only craftspeople who use these at Hermes are the porcelain artists.

  2. That is absolutely fascinating GF! Has anyone ventured to ask Claude or Pierre in NY about the Celtic Cross? Now I'm really curious!
  3. I know! Mind you , it was all english-translated to french-translated back to English, so who even knows...but he clearly understood what I meant when I showed him my stamp! LOL!

    maybe he just wasn't a MC and has a grudge..........LMAO!!!!
  4. Interesting!
  5. wow!!!!! very very interesting!!
  6. I am fascinated!! We must investigate further! Thanks for sharing this!
  7. WOW very fascinating!!! hmmmm...I kind of wish it were true. What symbol would I want to have if I were a Master Craftsman, for example?

    Probably the Egyptian eye :graucho:
  8. Anyone got a celtic cross stamped bag they can swing by Claude?
  9. i have spoken with claude and pierre, as well as a managing director that i met in an outside of Hermes fluke......they all say its nonsense
  10. ^eureka!

    Oh well.....I still love my bags!! LOL!!
  11. But still I wonder why they are stamped that way.What is the meaning behind the celtic cross?Very interesting.
  12. all old established companies have quirks and may be the imprimateur of a specific person or the stamp of say someone who has been employed for a certain number of years--you know how in corporate america you people get honored for 5, 10, 15, 20 and so on.........extra vacation stuff like that. i was told that all the people who work on their leathergoods and everything else are master craftspersons and it would be an insult to the others etc etc
  13. Wow- who would've thought? Can't imagine the Celtic cross being meaningless lol.

    btw GF- LOVE that Birkin in your avatar :love: Thalassa Box?
  14. very interesting. thanks for the information.
  15. interesting....thanks for sharing...another little knowledge of hermes learnt:smile: