Master Cleanse is doing wonders for me!

  1. Before anyone totally flames on me, I have to say that I am under a doc's supervision and am doing the master cleanse. I have IBS and the Master Cleanse program, which originated by Stanley Burroughs in the 70s, has been touted to cure a myriad of ailments. I am desperate to try anything at this point that will keep me from taking a prescription for the rest of my life to take care of the IBS.

    Anyway, one of the wonderful side effects is some weight loss and a renewed sense of motivation to eat clean and healthy foods. I am so glad that I am doing this.

    I am doing a 10-day program and am then going to move into a very clean diet, based mostly on vegetables, fruit, nuts, fish and, occasionally lean organic beef or chicken.
  2. Did you crap out any of those weird snaky lookign things yet. Seriously I am not trying to be foul...just completely curious!!!!

    Tell me to shut up if I am being to nosey.

  3. Selena!!! LMAO!

    Is it a colonic?
  4. LOL - no, I haven't. That's too funny that you asked that. I am currently on day 7 of 10. So... who knows what's to come in the next couple of days.

    No, its not a colonic. In a nutshell, it's a flush that allows your digestive organs to rest while flushing out your body of toxins.

    I have gone from wanting a dozen muffins a day to not having any cravings at all. My hunger is totally under control too!
  5. fascinating! You'll have to keep us posted!
  6. That is indeed interesting. Not to also get gross, but is it just like a major laxative for 10 days/cleanser?
  7. Sort of. - at least during the cleanse, because the point is to get your colon cleansed of all of the toxins that are built up within it. I have had zero pain though from the cleansing process. No cramping or anything. The only thing unpleasant of the process is the salt water flush they recommend you drink first thing in the morning.

    But the long term effects that many people experience are exponential, according to the research that I have read.
  8. i'd really like to try this, but i really don't know where to start. any advice?
  9. Ok, so perhaps this is also asking for too much information, but... like, if you do this, are you in the bathroom a lot... I mean, if I'm at work I can't really see that being to pleasant! and rather embarrassing...
  10. HAHAHAHA umm yea.... :blink:
  11. hey congrats on making it to day 7...only a few more days to go. are you doing the saltwater flush too?
  12. just curious, but is it good to get the insides "too" clean? its like when you hear of women douching too can destroy the good bacteria. Or like when your on anti need to replace the "good" bacteria with yougurt or acidofious or something. But if you have IBS, and it helps, then that is a different matter. I guess what works for one thing is good but may not be good for others. good luck. Keep us posted. its a crappy subject but its informative. :yes: I think my spelling is pretty crappy...:sick:
  13. I've done some research on this and am thinking of starting today. What are the not so wonderful side effects you are experiencing? Does it lead to bad breath, can you chew gum?
  14. Anyone mind explaining exactly what it is? Do you still eat while you do it?
  15. From what I've read - there is a lemonade made from lemons of course, cayenne pepper and maple syrup (Grade A - not refined). You drink this only for 10 - 40 days to cleanse your system. You do not eat during this cleansing as the lemonade has all of the nutrition you need. The claim is that there are no hunger pangs - you just need to adapt to the notion of not eating/chewing.