Massive Website Changes

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  1. Junie just said the website is about to undergo tremendous changes. For one thing, it will be available in German as well as English! She might be asking us for suggestions of things we would like to see on the website, so be thinking of stuff you might enjoy! I noticed there is a Book Review section there now for one thing. And the recipes section. I wonder what else she's going to add? I think it would be fun for us to come up with some wild/funny/addicting/useful ideas here. What do you think?
  2. I hope we get better pics of the leather and hardware, an improved leather care section specific to BE leathers and a photo of at least one bag design in each leather, especially colours that are not/have not been in stock. And maybe some pictures of custom options - what exactly does a bag with a water bottle added inside look like etc.

    All the other stuff is lovely but the website is their store and should really showcase what customers are going to buy.
  3. I'd like them to concentrate on core business first, I'm getting fed up waiting for my Charm Me Midi to be BEC'd to be honest.
  4. a short video showing the bag and suggested use of the features would be great, like they did at Zappos or some products on Amazon.

  5. Tote, I also have had to wait longer. I had set the date for my Nutmeg bag as 4 October and all my BEC bags have always been complete by the earliest delivery date, but not this time. I'm expecting it at the end of October.

    In terms of the website, I would also like some kind of modelling pic (I think Linea Pelle has this) so that you can get some sort of idea of how the bags look when worn. We get some lovely shots in the forum but not nearly enough modelling pics.

  6. I'd love that, we've had some great bag reviews posted on youtube. I'm sure one of the ladies at BE would be able to do this and would be enjoyable to do as well!
  7. I adore the idea of a video review feature...very handy on Zappos....
  8. Mine is now in production so should have it in a week or so :yahoo:

    Hope yours will be soon!
  9. :true:
  10. I fully agree on what was said above about the core-business :yes:
  11. I'd love to see more photos of leather. With some of the newer leathers there aren't photos of them.

    I'd also really like a way to know when new articles have been added to the magazine. Perhaps an RSS feed.

    Maybe a way to be notified when a new item has been added for sale?

    That's all I can think of off the top of my head. I'm sure I'll have more.
  12. Maybe not as quick as that...I have 2 that have been in production since 10/11 and I have not gotten word that they are completed and on the way to London yet...
  13. I would love to see bags in different leathers that were BECd. Really makes a difference to see it instead of imagining.

    OT- I am a little anxious, too. My very first "from scratch" BEC bag was ordered back in July with a Sept 15th "first delivery" date. It still hasn't been completed. I guess they just got really backed up with the Couture Month promotion. I can't wait for it to be en route. I am on pins and needles!
  14. I did just get word my bags (2) were on their way to it took about a week and a half for production!

    Hope everyone else gets similar news soon!

  15. That actually sounds pretty quick in terms of having a bag handmade to particular specifications. That's really good news! Congrats, Ode!;)