Massive Watch Upgrade - Need Brand Recommendations, Please!

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  1. Hi all! I'm looking to invest in a new watch, hopefully one that'll last me for the rest of my life. However, being new to the world of $1,000+ watches, I need your input, please. :smile:

    The watch I currently have is a Citizen Eco-Drive, given to me by my father as a graduation present. It worked great for 3 years, but recently has started losing crystals and slowing down.

    What I like(d) about my watch is that it is thin. I have a thin wrist (5.25" around), and accordingly prefer small watches. My current watch measures 20mm across the case and 10mm across the band. The case is approximately 5mm thick. The watch looks somewhat like this:

    I was originally thinking of getting a Rolex, but as far as I can tell, even the thinnest Rolex watches still don't get quite as thin as I would like. (Please correct me if I am wrong, though!) So I have started considering other watch brands, but not knowing which watch brands make watches to my list of criteria, I'm here to ask for your advice. :smile:

    Here is my list of criteria, in order of decreasing preference:

    1) Thin. :smile:

    2) Keeps time accurately, with the necessary upkeep. Ideally, upkeep is also relatively minimal and simple.

    3) Long-lasting. As I mentioned, I see this as making an investment, so I don't mind parting with the money if I know that it is something that I'll be able to wear for the rest of my life.

    4) Relatively sturdy. I'm not hard on my watches, but I do wear them almost 24/7, so they need to be able to take a certain amount of wear and tear. Definitely can't have anymore crystals popping out. ;)

    5) Will hold onto at least some of its value over time, in case I should ever need or want to sell it. (Hopefully not, but tastes, circumstances, etc. can change.)

    Thanks all! Looking forward to your recommendations. :smile:
  2. I had the same thoughts about the Rolex! I wanted a mechanical watch but it felt heavy on my wrist and I was afraid that I would stop wearing it if I bought it.

    If you do want a thin watch, then better to go with quartz movement rather than a mechanical model as quartz models tend to be thinner. Also it may better meet your criteria of keeping time accurately as you may need to adjust a mechanical watch periodically or if you don't wear it every day.

    What is your price range?
  3. Rolex for sure. Get the classic ladies small datejust. You will love it. Rolex is a classic, for all ages, increases in value and is a statement watch. You'll have it forever. I started with the two tone ladies datejust and still love it... even though I wear bigger Rolexes now. My wrist is also very small, so don't be afraid.

    I have almost purchased other brands, but I keep going back to Rolex.

    Good luck!
  4. Cartier Tank Francaise PM.
  5. yes!
  6. Have you looked at Omega?
  7. You can search for a recent poll that I started asking for advice on Franck Muller vs Cartier vs Hermes vs Rolex. More than 50% voted for the Rolex! But lots of people like the Cartier as well and I found the posts to be really helpful!
  8. I agree omega is smaller/thinner than Rolex.
  9. Your current watch reminds me of Baume & Mercier and Ebel. Check them out!

    P.S. I also had a Citizen Eco Drive, also from my dad! It was replaced with a ladies Rolex -loved it! Now I have a mid sized Rolex which I also love - but the ladies one is truly classic and elegant, in my opinion. May be worth trying them on!
  10. Cartier watches tends to be a bit thinner than Rolex and I personally like the Baloon Blue, the Tank seems to be popular too.
  11. I really like a Raymond Weil parsifal. I have 3 RW watches for over 10 years and all have only needed 1 battery change, always keep perfect time and very thin and light weight. I love the look of all the big chunky watches but just not for my wrist. The parsifal is real diamonds, 18 k gold and water resistant for around $3,000. A lot of jewelers will also give a discount.
  12. I am a huge watch-buff and am very biased towards Rolex, which would be my recommendation.

    1) No, it is not thin. But it is very sturdy and you will get used to it in no time.

    2) For a mechanical watch, Rolex keeps time very well. But it will never be as accurate as a quartz watch. However, a mechanical watch last a lifetime (if regularly serviced, every ~7 year), a quartz clockwork will not. I would personally NEVER buy a watch with a quartz movement, but that is a personal preference.

    3) Your grandchildren will wear your Rolex. It is a watch for life.

    4) A Rolex can withstand a lot. It is very sturdy and you do not need to baby it. But with most things, off course you can destroy it if you do something unfortunate.

    5) There are roughly two watch brands that keep its value, and that is Rolex and Patek Philippe. The second hand market for Rolex is huge and you can easily buy and sell your watch. However, male models keeps their value much better than female models (the demand is bigger). I have owned many Rolex watches and always made a profit when selling them. My current Rolex collection has increased in value with an average of 30% over the past 3 years. Not a bad investment! I always buy secondhand from one of the trusted sellers at

    Good luck with finding what is right for you :smile: