Massive Massai Mystery

  1. Okay, sorry for the goofy alliterative title. I'm just in a mood tonight.

    I'm confused about the Massai sizes. I called an SA I work with and she told me there were only 2: PM and GM. I had thought that traceyd's bag at 16" x 22" was the GM. I went on to ask the SA to check tags and measurements on one in stock, and she said it was a PM at 13" x 17". The green one at jemznjewels is 10" x 14" and evidently this isn't a typo or mismeasurement.

    Can an H expert here clear up my confusion? I had thought the large bag was perfect for me, but it turns out I can totally rock what I'd been calling the PM, the 13" x 17". I'd like to spare myself the further embarrassment of a) walking in and asking for the 13" x 17" bag (way uncool...) or b) asking for the PM and getting a 10" x 14" bag.

    Somebody, Anybody, Help?
  2. wow, i don't know (someone will though). i tried one on once and it fit me, i'm 5'5. have no idea what size it was...
  3. All I know for sure is that the 16" x 22" hurt worse than surgery, riding on my shoulder blade like it did. Ouch.
  4. Interesting, I too was under the impression that there were only two sizes.
  5. I am always afraid that if its the summer time and I put it under my arm you may get sweat stains?
    Or is it just me?
    Please educate me...I think I need it.:upsidedown:
  6. ^E, I can't wear the 13" x 17" with the short strap, because it looks strange on me. I wear it with the long strap and switch back and forth between messenger and shoulder. When the long strap is worn as a shoulder bag, the center of the bag hits me at lower rib cage, nowhere near worrying about getting it messy.
  7. They have a store catalog for bags although not for public viewing. Your SA would be able to tell you how many sizes it comes in, I've always thought it was 2 myself, PM and GM. Btw, ask to see if the store would order a longer strap for you. Some stores would do it but not all. I believe the Massai is a bag that one needs to try on b4 any decisions can be made.
  8. I just bought a GM by accident. The seller listed the bag with PM measurements garnered from eBay. I returned it lickety split as it completely overwhelmed my 5' 3 & 3/4" frame. It was very heavy and HUGE. I believe Duna has the PM and she lists her measurements as "32 cm wide x 45 cm tall and 6 cm depth (at the bottom)".

    Here is a photo of her from the reference thread:

    I hope this helps somehow.
  9. Thanks AirMess! I might consider buying a longer short strap in the future, but I'm really enjoying wearing the long strap as a shoulder bag. It puts the base of the bag right at hip level, which is really comfortable to me.

    Thanks Gazoo! Duna's centimeter measurements for the PM convert to roughly 13" x 17", which is what I thought the PM was supposed to be. The GM is really massive, isn't it? I was so shocked when the SA pulled it out for me to try on. I'm 6 ft tall, and it overwhelmed me a bit, besides being physically painful. I would've sent the bag back to the eBay seller too!

    So it looks like my initial understanding was correct about which was the PM and which was the GM, but I still don't understand the 10" x 14" bag on jemznjewels. She remeasured it for me, and the measurement stands. I've gotten to peek at the book a few times, so I may have to make a drop-in visit and take a Massai-specific look.

    Oh to be an expert...Sigh. Maybe one day.
  10. Duna's measurements for the PM are correct.
    Jemznjewels is not necessarily known for accurately describing her items.
  11. Hmm, it depends on where she's measuring from and to. I agree with Dunas measurements, and my PM measures the same as hers, but it would depend on whether you tke the measurements all the way to the top of the bag or not. I think. Or perhaps I'm just takling dribble.

    Put it this way. I can't imagine anyone wearing the Massai GM. Not even Ru Paul. It's just SO big!
  12. I tried the GM (with the regular handle) and Im 5ft tall...i felt i'll fit inside the bag:p lenght of the bag falls in the pocket of my medium rise jeans or lower.
  13. I agree with this. I think she is wonderful, don't get me wrong, but her descriptions are sometimes a bit off.

    There are only 2 sizes per my SA. I believe the one on Jemz is the PM.
  14. Cool. Thanks everybody. I'm really glad to know I didn't completely confuse my information!

    :roflmfao: RuPaul in a GM Massai...
  15. I tried the pm today and it's simply lovely :biggrin: I asked if there are 2 sizes but the SA just said only 1. I did not asked him to clarify if there is only 1 size or they have only 1 size :p

    I am pleasantly surprised by the massai and I like it - it loves me more than the trim that's for sure. :lol: I am holding back as I want to add other bags first than come back to the massai ;)