Massive gold hardware...?

  1. Does anyone know when this new line of Balenciagas with massive gold hardware will hit the stores...?

    Ok, personally I prefer classic hardware but my mom got really interested when she saw this picture (from - I think it might look great on her :rolleyes:
  2. I love it! Looks like a stam on sterioids! Love it. Can't wait to see it.
  3. I have no idea if this is from cruise collection or from summer collection.
    The cruise collection is in shops in november, the summer collection in jan/feb.
  4. Aah thanks, they dont sell Balenciaga here so I need to contact Luisaviroma on november :flowers:
    I guess I'm trying to turn my mom from fendi/lv-lady into a bbag -gal! :P
  5. Kim said they would start taking orders on that particular bag in december
  6. Ok, then they're propably from the summer collection - thanks Kathleen :flowers:
  7. what is that bag called? I have to have it!
  8. n/m it's the brief.
  9. I loooooove this bag! It looks so pretty!
  10. I love this bag so much... giant hardware and all. I shall have it!
  11. I think I want one of these too...Anyone know if this style will come in all the new spring colors?
  12. that's one sexy *****
  13. This is the first bag on my wish list. I've aready told Kim that I want one. Not in off-white, though.
  14. so did Kim tell you the colors that would be available?
  15. Too much hardware IMO.. i love the classic look of hardware