Massive Chloe sale at Nordies!!!!!!

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  1. OMG!!!! Nordsrtom in San Jose, CA and in Walnut Creek, CA has ALL the Silverados, Betty's, and baby paddy with strap (in black/black only) on sale for 30-33% off!!!!!! I am so :hysteric: because I just paid $1725 for my black on black baby paddy and now it is $960!!! I really suggest you call and order one of these bags because they will be gone super fast! Good luck in the hunt!!
  2. It's weird!! I call them yesterday, but they said they won't sale the paddy.. I guess they change their mind. Did you see the med black on black paddy by any change there? TIA
  3. Kristie,
    Can't you get an adjustment?
  4. cutiekiara, the only paddy that is on sale is the black on black baby paddy with shoulder strap. If you call the nordstrom in san jose, ca they are most definitely on sale, I was there in person today. I don't know why they would tell you they are not on sale, some of the SA'a during the holidays are a little clueless.....for instance they had no idea the bag was a "paddington" they kep insisting it was called the "satchel with strap." Trust me though, it was most definitely on sale, the tag was marked and all...... Good luck!!
  5. nordstrom in sacramento, ca has AN AMAZING GOLD PADDINGTON ON SALE....omg drool marked down from 17xx.xx down to 1090.00 I believe. it was absolutly gorgeous, had I not purchased a bronze chanel bag It would have been MINE.

    they also have a few silverados, and a really big black one marked down to 900 from 1600 which i thought could make a cute over night bag....also some other bags i dont know the names of with padlocks. :biggrin:
  6. net-a-porter in the US is having a sale now with a few paddys including the black & metallic blue with black hardware for $891....
  7. My Nordie's doesn't carry Chloe :-p They do carry Burberry but I think they overprice them. And they don't carry the leather ones, only the nova check.
  8. does anyone have their number? i want the baby paddy!!!!
  9. Check the Nordstrom site, it lists all the stores/numbers/addresses etc.
    I also saw the Black/Black baby with the long strap at Nordstrom Mission Viejo, California --- ask for Courtney.
    Good Luck:yahoo:
  10. They marked down to $1038.. not $891...
  11. Oh, I would love the Blue/Black Paddy!
  12. do you recall how much it was? also, does anyone happen to know how many hours behind california is from ohio? 3 or 4? thanks bunches, i hope i can get one :smile:
  13. I think it's 3 hr behind... good luck on your hunting :smile:
  14. Sorry I didn't, I was looking for the regular size. We are 3 hours behind .... you could try calling anytime now, although the stores open at 10, a lot of times the phones are answered before the store opens.
  15. Here is the Mission Viejo number 949 - 347-2710
    Please ask for Courtney.