massive balenciagas on bluefly now!

  1. i wonder if these are a different shipments from the ones that were available last night...
  2. Yeah no idea. did you ever get your bronze?
  3. Yea I did!! It turned out to be fake =(((( The same exact one acegirl got.

    And now I'm in the middle of waiting to hear back from them but I'm going to ship it back soon.
  4. oh no really?? that is bad news... chances are all of these are fake too.
  5. Yea! I was holding my breath that maybe it was just that one but then bam! oh well, too good to be true!

    I should've paid more attention to the details in the bluefly pics
  6. bluefly's pictures always look like stock photos. they use the same pic over and over it looks like. so you really never know until you get it...

    so weird. did anyone buy one just now? curious to know if they will turn out to be real or fake.
  7. yea, so true about bluefly's pics.

    Oh yea, someone should "test" it.
  8. my best friend bought 5 of them. i asked her to kindly take pics so we can post them here for authenticity purposes.
  9. oh thats stink how you got a fake! :sad:
  10. booyah - thanks in advance!

    helenz - thanks, it does suck but hopefully they'll get back to me ASAP
  11. cool can't wait to see those pics!!
  12. i'd have to agree so far with you, fayden. i think (or hope) the bag is being misrepresented by the photo online. my girlfriend has received 2 authentic b-bags from-red and magenta firsts-from them in the past.

    i am know dying to know if the ones she just ordered are authentic or not. the saga continues....
  13. ^^ susan-eric called them, and they said they take the pictures themselves, rather than using stock photos. I don't know if this is true, but if it is it doesn't bode well. :unsure:
  14. i don't think they are stock photos. i think that in the past they have had authentic bags but these are not. i am getting a few so will post pics when i get them.