Massive 3 Month Reveal...a lil bit of eBay, lil bit of Outlet, lil bit of PCE

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  1. I've been so busy, I havent updated since June, so I wanted to show you all my goodies since then. Anyone up for a Thursday late nite reveal?
  2. Violet Poppy Pocket Hobo :heart:

  3. Me :smile:

    EEK!! LOVE that purple!!
  4. Ooooooh.... reveal time!!!!

    more....more.....more :yahoo:

    Gorgeous purple!!!
  5. Found this little nugget one day at the outlet, tucked back in the corner behind a bunch of other bags in the 50% section. Imagine my surprise!

    Poppy Tartan Groovy

  6. Yay! A live one!
  7. Same with this one..hiding behind bags in the 50% section. I had all but given up on ever having this one. I was a happy girl this day!

    Boxed OP Art Carryall

  8. Love the Groovy ...keep em comin'
  9. Beautiful so far :smile:!
  10. Couldnt resist this hot pink mama. She is BRIGHT! :sunnies

    MFF Convertible Zoe

  11. Pretty! I love that carryall and your pocket hobo!
  12. Studded OP Art Alexandra in Khaki. She's a rockstar! :rochard:

  13. Love that Alexandra! I'm not really into siggy but she may change my mind. Looks great on her!
  14. Peyton Black and White OP Pouch. This one has the most gorgeous dark teal satin lining.

  15. The studs on the bag and handles and the gold metallic trim sold me. Looks really good in person :smile: