Massai,Trim and Gao??!!!

  1. Hi Ladies,

    i am in trouble!!!
    Since i saw SoCal beautiful Gao bag i am totally lost!
    As you know already,i am a happy owner of a massai gm(indigo) and a 35 trim II(black).
    Now i just cant stop to think about the Gao!!!!!
    i could imagine to have it in gold or brique!!!!

    Please let me know your opinion on my thoughts....

    Do you ladies think are they too similar??????

  2. You love shoulder bags, so go fo it!
  3. MM, I can't help with an opinion, but oh, man, do I feel your pain.

    Since SoCal's Gao thread, I've been craving one in brique.

    I agree with golconda: Go for it.
  4. Go for it! Nothing wrong with owning one of each.
  5. ITA I don't think they are too similiar. :yes: Get one!!!! :yahoo:
  6. I think the styles are quite different! Good luck with your decision!
  7. thanks everyone to supporting me!!!!!
    in spain where are live they dont have any Gao!!!!
    In germany i found one but only in BJ which is a great color but doesnt suit me...
    I really would like to have one in some nice neutral...
    I try my luck on london in 2 weeks or maybe Singapore???:smile: