Massai Question

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  1. Heya Ladies (and Gents).

    Can anyone tell me the difference between the PM and GM Massai? I'm looking for a shoulder bag, something smooshy and casual/fabby that can be dressed up a little. I was thinking of Etoupe as I'd really like a neutral colour. I'm fairly tall and need a bag with room (not too much). I love the Balenciaga Day bag which (I think) is why I'm leaning towards a Massai (have a black 35 Birkin and a gold 35 is being ordered next podium).

    Any thoughts, opinions or photos would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Cal, I have a Masai PM in Etoupe Clemence, and I'm 5'7. The GM for me was too big. The measurements of the PM are roughly: 32cm wide x 45cm tall, the depth is 6cm( at the bottom of the bag) I'm afraid I don't know the measurements of the GM. As you probably know, it has 2 sholder straps, one longer than the other, so that you can wear it either tucked under your arm, or with the longer strap, messenger style....HTH:smile:

    P.S. I had a pic of me wearing it, but I can't find it among my pics anymore!?
  3. The GM would be a boulder holder and no good in terms of size. The PM wraps around nicely (check out the Massai threads there is on with Caroline Besset who is about your height, the PM looked great on her). I've seen you drag around that fabby Gucci so the Massai PM would hold about the same amout of stuff, spread around a little bit.
  4. [​IMG]





    Cal, I have the PM size in gris tourterelle clemence and it is a large bag, I've never tried on the GM but I think it must be very big. I'm about 5'5- 5'6 in height. All but one photo was taken during my 'slim' year *sob*. It's a super bag, I rarely use the additional longer strap, the short one is perfect for over the shoulder and to hand-carry. I bought mine in the Paris sales, didn't realise what a bargain it was until I joined this forum 3 years later, lol.

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  5. AANice, you look fantastic!

    That grey is beautiful, I heard they were bringing out some more of it these days (saw a Lindy at FSH in that colour a couple of weeks ago).

    The GM would drag on the ground.
  6. I absolutely ADORE the look of the Massai PM but, IMO, it's like a black hole - I always had trouble finding what I needed in it. Very aggravating. It was also quite heavy on my shoulder (can't imagine what the GM would feel like!) but that could have been due to the clemence and not necessarily the Massai. I guess I'm a bit of a whimp because I can only have hand-held clemence bags!

    Even with all that, I still go and try on the vert anis Massai PM at my local H whenever I can *and* like a maniac, consider buying it every, single time! LOL! It's just that gorgeous!

    Sorry, CAL, I'm sure that did not help you one bit!:P
  7. I still regret not grabbing the raisin one I saw once... It's my own fault for being too dumb to know what's good for me, eh?
  8. Cal, definitely the PM. I've tried them both on, and while I don't know the dimensions of the GM, there is a HUGE difference in size between them. And the GM practically engulfed me and I'm only a couple of inches shorter than you!
  9. :flowers: Thanks Ladies! Wow, I didn't realise that the GM was so huge. AllaboutNice's is a PM so that looks plenty big for me.

    AAN, it's looks fabulous here on you!

  10. [​IMG]

    The picture above is traceyd with her rouge vif GM Massai, taken from her "The Warrior" thread.

    I'm 6 ft, and find that I can easily wear either the PM or the GM, but I sometimes feel the PM looks a bit skimpy on me.
  11. I love the pm Massai. So much that I bought two of them. However, I'm 5'3" and these bags really looked very large and long for me. I finally realized that I couldn't "carry them off" without looking kinda silly.
    I had my dd model them for me. She is 5'5" and they still looked kinda long, but much better.
    You are so fortunate if you're on the tall side. They are the coolest bag and so comfortable to carry. I'd have loved them better than any bag if only I had a few more inches on me.
    I never found that the long strap enabled me to carry it messenger style. It didn't look right on me, but I loved the versatality of having the bag have two different looks.
  12. i haven't seen the gm but i have tried on the pm and for me, at 5'6" and not thin girl, it was perfect. roomy but not too big and hit me at about the hip. i think i have a pic of me wearing one in raisin and one in indigo somewhere....

    i have to say only the short strap works for me. the long was not long enough to wear messenger style and made it too long on my body. the short strap kept it right about under my arm and was perfect. love the massai!
  13. Hi Cal, Idon't want to confuse you, but here are my opinions:

    1. I LOVE THIS to the Evelyne. I'm 5'4" (on a good day)....and it really depends on the color of the bag to say which size looked good on I can do PM or GM.

    2. I think you would look GREAT with either size. You remind me of CKB. Just go in an try one on in either size. The GM in swift for me, was not was too smooth, and just too much FLAT looking leather in gold. I think I tried on an Ebene in swift, and it was FABULOUS in the GM size.

    3. The PM size for me was BLACK w/palladium. The short strap looked better for me, and the long extension to wear across my body looked awful.

    Hopefully this helped, I think one needs some sort of organizer for the bag to find things. The PM zipper was had a more narrower opening, and the GM a wider opening to get your stuff. Both zippers start in the middle and open out to the sides. You can open one at a time.

    Good Luck!!:smile: on you hunt!
  14. Hmmmmmm.......I'm intrigued!!!! Anyone know how tall TraceyD is? I'm 5'10" and would prefer the bag to be on the bigger side as opposed to the skimpy side. Also, would Etoupe make the bag seem a little smaller?

    :flowers: Thanks for all your responses ladies. It seems like it's the kind of bag that really needs to be tried on. Hopefully my store in Amsterdam will have some - will check it out on Tuesday (ideally).
  15. I prefer the Massai on bigger side too, Cal. I think traceyd said she was slightly over 5'7" in "The Warrior" thread.

    I've done A LOT of looking and agonizing over the Massai in the last few months.

    I think you'd make either size look gorgeous.