Massai or Picotin?

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  1. So, I'm day dreaming about which bag to buy next year (in June for our anniversary) and I keep going back and forth between the Massai and the Picotin.
    I already have one H shoulder bag so I don't know if I should go with something handheld next time? I'm thinking I could use my scarves/pocket squares with the Picotin.
    So between the Picotin and the Massai which would you choose? (If you already had a BJ Evelyne?)
    I'm thinking Rouge for the Massai but if you went with the Picotin what color would you get to go with these scarves??? :flowers:
  2. Massai over Picotin for me...for some reason, it seems to have more "presence"... (and to be honest, the Picotin reminds me of a lunch bag...ducks and runs for cover)...:shame:
  3. Chocolate or Cognac Picotin, H.....'Cause you already have a shoulderbag......I can so see you with a Picotin MM. Love that bag after seeing NinjaSue's.
  4. Hey, I happen to love my lunch bag!:blah:

    CB, I think you may be the unofficial "Pochette Queen" on here!!:queen:
  5. Thanks HG, oh those pochettes are so addictive!!! Like potato chips! ;)
    D, ooooh cognac, chocolate or... noisette??? Yum!!!
    SoCal, ugh I am so torn. Especially after seeing everyone's Massai pics and the ones of CBK. :girlsigh: But then after seeing Ninja Sue's Picotin! :hysteric: Love them both!
    I guess I should ask which should I get first? :lol:
  6. I like both, but how about a Potiron picotin? I like them best in bright colors. Definitely Rouge H for the Massai. :smile:
  7. Massai...just seems like more of a practical bag although I think the Picotin is darling.

    CB, I agree that you have the best pochette collection!
  8. Thanks Kat! :flowers:

    GT, you know I love the Potiron!!! :yes:
  9. If you already have the Evelyn (a shoulder bag), how about the Picotin? I don't own either one, but love both. :smile:

    Sorry, I wasn't much help was I? :shame:
  10. crochetbella - what about the kelly? i mean i'm asking if that's still a goal for you or not.
  11. well, i have an evelyne(etoupe) which i adore....and a massai(red)...ditto...i am flirting with a picotin(bright color)....but they are such different bags...the picotin is sort of an evening bag for me -it's flirty... unless you get that big one....which is really hard to carry....i would go massai....then move on to picotin.
  12. You are so right about CBK's Masai. Did she make it so chic or what? They need to make one in a TTPM for me.:sad:
  13. whoa! pics of cbk with a massai? where? when? who? how?
  14. Pelinaka - :lol: That's where I'm both!

    HH - I decided to save the Kelly (or Birkin) to celebrate a milestone coming up in 2008 and then the other for my 40th birthday. Next year's bag will be the one bag I buy for the year but I can't go with one of the "big ones" just yet. :flowers:

    Tracey - I love your red Massai!!!

    HH - the pics are in one of the threads about the Massai...
  15. CB, my vote (of course) is for the Picotin. It fits tons of stuff and looks so cute! Of all my H bags, the orange Picotin gets the most compliments. It has such an usual but adorable shape. :smile: