Massai in the Office

  1. Just thinking about wardrobe many of you Massai owners would wear your Massai to work in an office?
  2. I don´t have one but I surely could wear it here; no dresscode so a mildly casual bag would be fine.
  3. I have three now, and two of them are in fairly bright colors. I pretty much carry one to work every day, but I work in a healthcare-related nonprofit organization, so the office style there may be more relaxed.
  4. i wear mine to the office all the time! love it. i work in a very casual office though. but i would wear it even if i didn't i think.
  5. I wear my Massai to the office all the time :smile: It's a great bag that can be dressed up or worn casual. My office dress code is business casual, but sometimes I have events and other going-ons that require more professional dress.
  6. I would if I had coworkers who respected nice things. I took my new Goyard to the office and one proceeded to open a cabinet into my bag dragging the sharp corners into it...when I went to quickly move it out of the way she said oh don't worry it's not in my way. :rolleyes: But if it had happened to an H bag I would have keeled over! ;)

    But back to the original question, Yes! I think the Massai is so elegant. I would wear it anywhere!
  7. I carry mine to work a lot-it's not a corporate atmosphere, but I think you could, even in a law office. The beauty of the Massai is its ability to change!
  8. ME!! :yes: I wear mine to office! It look great with pants! I wear mine with black, white and beige pants! I had gotten one in neutral/non-black color for the purpose of wearing it to work! It's excellent for work (and so is the Kelly:heart:)

    edited to say, my work environment is really causal, but I try to be semi-causal at least in pants or skirts.
  9. I don't have a Massai (or any other H items for that matter lol), but I'd definitely wear mine to work. Our dress code is very relaxed, and given the fact that I carry a lot, I'd probably NEED the Massai, regardless :sweatdrop:
  10. Nah - I don't like that look, and I'm a very casual gal. I only wear my Massai with Jeans. I don't think it's an office bag...maybe I'm too old-fashioned? I'd wear my Trim, though.
  11. See, this is what I always thought too, and it made me curious to see what other people thought.

    Thanks everyone for all your responses!
  12. I don't carry my Massai to the office...Birkin works better for me for files, papers, etc.
  13. I say, if you want to wear it go ahead. It's Hermes damn-it! She needs to be exposed!!!
  14. See, I agree with you as well! I think I'm going to try her out next Friday -- a more casual mood.
  15. :tup: I want an action pic too!