Massage Spas anyone?

  1. Has anyone here gone to a Burke Williams spa? If you have, do you have any recommendations as to which treatment to get? I'm in DIRE need of a massage sometime soon.. maybe for my holiday present to me.. lol.

    anyway.. I've been looking at their Hunter's Retreat or Savannah's Surrender treatments.. both sound so amazing... Anyone have any preferences of one over the other?

    Also.. should I get any day spa packages? Are they worth it?

    And how about the massages.. anyone done any of theirs or the shiatsu or reiki ones? How do those feel or make you feel afterwards?

    Lol.. sorry so many questions.. I'm a total Spa virgin.

    oh and lastly.. any other massage spas you can think of that you'd like to recommend??

    THANKS a bunch!! :biggrin: :wlae:
  2. I've never done the Burke Williams spa thing. I have been there for an eyebrow treatment. Honestly, I didn't care for the environment. It felt too sterile.

    I recently had a deep tissue massage. I don't recommend that unless you are ready to be in pain for the next couple of days. I personally like Swedish massages.

    By the way, there are other places around OC that are much cheaper and offer great massages. Check out Goldstar Events - Turn Your Next Night Out Into an Event! for places offering half priced massages.
  3. I have been to Burke many times. My personal opinion is that their facials, body treatments are great but their massages are overpriced.

    As far as massages it depends on what you like:

    1. Deep Tissue (my second favorite): get this if you have serious knots and are the type of person who doesn't mind pain. This type of massage hurts but to me it feels wonderful during and afterwards. If you really don't have any severe knots and just want to relax this is not the massage for you.
    2.Swedish (they call it Relaxation): Get this if you like gentle massages and want to feel nice and realxed. Not for anyone who likes a more vigorous masage or anyone with serious knots.
    3. Shiatsu (my favorite but you can get it cheaper at an Asian place, e.g. 30 minutes $25/45 minutes $40 etc.) this is supposed to be done fully clothed with a sheet on top. I'm not sure if Burke follows this practice. Anyhow, this is a little bit less painful than a Deep Tissue, but it has the same effect pain relief for those with sore spots and knots. More of a pressure point type massage and some stretching.
    4. Reiki : New Agey, I dont' really care for it but its relaxing. If you want relaxing just do the Swedish/Relaxation massage.

    As far as the packages, they are great as long as you really want all the stuff in the package. The last times I've been there I just individual bought a facial and a body scrub.

    Review of the Burkes I've been to:
    Santa Monica: Nice, very clean facilities.
    OC/Mission Viejo: Large, but starting to show its age.
    Torrance/Rolling Hills: Brand new, very very large waiting area. I like this one.
  4. I've done the Burke Williams spa, I was lucky enough to get them for free, all I would have to do is tip the aesthetician/masseuse (my girlfriend's sis was an aesthetician there) If it's your first time, go for the facial (I forgot which one it's called) but it includes a neck/shoulder massage and finishes off with a nice foot massage and parrafin on both the hands and feet. This is a nice way to get broken into the spa setting. This way you can also talk to her and ask her/him their opinion on massages and for referrals within the spa.
  5. My mother and I go to BW...and we're pleased with all of the services offered. I'm mostly a fan of all of their facials! Just make sure you let them know if you have sensitive skin or if you have any allergies...kuz my mother had an episode where her face reacted horribly with the Paprika Mask...she turned CHERRY RED and her eyes wouldn't stop tearing! yea...make sure you tell them everything prior to ur service.
    BW was really kind bout our lil episode and comp'ed the whole thing.

    Have fun...choose whatever package ur bod is yearning for..u can always return and try something new later. :P
  6. I go there with my family a lot. If you go to the one in OC, ask to speak with Susan, she is one of the managers and is really sweet and well-informed.

    As for treatments, I also recommend Swedish or deep tissue. I love shiatsu, but have never tried it at BW.
  7. ^ there's a couple in OC... are you talking about the orange location? or mission viejo?
  8. I have gone to the BW in Orange. I thought the place was silly. Sorry, but a massage should not cost more than a visit to a neurologist. Plus, they consider themselves "health care providers" but expect a tip. I like to go to smaller individually owned massage places where the person doing the service gets the money.

  9. alright.. care to share these places? lol.
  10. ^^^
    Kinda far for you, but there is a place in Seal Beach called Welspring, it is owned by 2 sisters and has a great vibe.
  11. I was referring to the one in Mission Viejo.
  12. Swedish is very relaxing. Deep tissue is great for chronic pain. A day package is good if you have trouble getting to a spa regularly but it can be tiresome being at a spa all day sometimes, especially if you've never been there before. You could end up in a place you don't particularly like. Go check it out first if you can or just go for one treatment, then go back for a day if you like it.