Mass shooting after Batman midnight showing in colorado

  1. I watched the video of him in court a few minutes ago and I was furious.

    His reactions were just nuts... I'm not sure if he was pretending, sedated or if he had flashes of "Oh sh*t, what did I do?", but ... oh man did he make me mad
  2. He looked like he was faking a "out of it" detachment thing - I don't think he care's enough about what he did..and wants us to think he's "just nutts"
  3. I don't know how the process works, but How would he get drugs in jail to be sedated? Aren't they frisked and put in a cell?
  4. Why would they be frisked if a Jail doctor is doing the sedation?

  5. Good point, the hopping in the car and driving away definitely is a resounding sign of selfishness on his part.
  6. Don't know Echoes - like I mentioned I don't know how the procedure works.
    Thought when people go to jail they get frisked and all their belonging taken away and secured. Didn't see that a jail doctor was doing the sedation.
  7. Nobody knows for sure and I'm sure the Jail won't say, but the speculation is that they put him under due to his erratic behavior.
  8. ^ that totally makes sense ...
  9. After all the investigations and trials are done, I think it may end up being as simple as this guy wanted to be famous, nothing deeper than that. He took the precaution of wearing full body armor and he gave up as soon as the cops arrived, so he was not trying to commit suicide by cop. He wanted to live and see the result of his actions.

    Since he seemed to admire fictional villains like the Joker, he took the twisted step of becoming a real-life villain whose name would become known by everyone. An egocentric personality who wanted to see how big an impact he could make on the world. It is scary that there are more like him out there who may or may not act on their impulses.
  10. His behavior in court seems contrived and inauthentic.
  11. Yes ma'am. Come on.
    That's it and that's all.
  12. As much as this whole situation has impacted my family and friends, and I really hate all of the "well maybe he_______" this post seems right on!!
  13. Pretty screwed up way to get famous.
  14. In a situation like that you'd like to think you'd be there to bodily shield someone you love to protect them.

    But for some reason, you might end up separated from them.

    If you become separated from them, wouldn't you want to reconnect with them to make sure they're safe?

    Why would someone drive away without having any idea where the other person was or even whether or not they were okay?
  15. Well put.