Mass shooting after Batman midnight showing in colorado

  1. I'm not so sure about that. There have been a few incidents recently where news producers have selectively edited what someone said to enhance the shock value.
  2. He is deserving of the hate. Contrary to what a lot of people think, hatred has a place in the human make-up for a reason.

    I think he did the whole thing for fame. He didn't appear to have a political motive, as Anders Breivik did. Nor did he have any intention of dying in the chaos, either as a result of his own gun or in a shootout with police, as is usual with apolitical rage-filled gunmen. The whole thing being so gimmicky (the Joker persona and so on) further strengthens my conviction of this. Of course he has to play the insanity card because he has no other defense open to him.

    It is becoming more common for people to commit atrocities for fame. The Canadian guy sending body parts through the mail is a case in point. In the past, killers like Ted Bundy would do everything to avoid capture. Nowadays, capture is part of the plan. It's necessary for the fame they seek.

    What this guy failed to understand is that it is the media, not the killers themselves, who determine who gets remembered. He's just an insignificant worm who will fade from public memory. At least he can put his medical knowledge to good use after he loses his butt-virginity in the prison showers.
  3. I'm not sure about that. We'll probably never know why he acted though.

    As to your last (inappropriate) comment, he'll never be in general population. He'll be in some form of isolation either in a Psychiatric hospital or something like where Charles Manson is.
  4. I agree with you but the taxpayer will still be supporting his solitary confinement for decades. I understand that it's our justice system but I hate that he will be living better, though confined, than many people who never did anythng wrong and happen to be poor. It's just hard to accept.
  5. Word coming out about another heavily armed gunman who claims to have attended the same movie at a theater in Maine.
  6. Schizophrenics are not usually violent. Labeling this guy as "mentally ill" or schizophrenic does a disservice to all truly mentally ill people. I wouldn't be surprised if this guy is an otherwise healthy sociopath with a sprinkle of narcissistic personality disorder mixed in.

    Off topic, but there was a running joke in my med school class that the best way to kill someone would be to fake a psychotic break around the time of the murder. If this fact wasn't lost on regular medical students, then an aspiring PhD in Neuroscience would have certainly understood this as well. You fake a psychotic break with erratic behavior, commit your crime, convince everyone that it was motivated by an underlying psychiatric illness, and live the rest of your life in something more comfortable than a maximum security prison. As I posted earlier, his court act look contrived and inauthentic to me. I've seen and worked with a lot of schizophrenics and I have never seen that sort of regular irregular behavior, if that makes sense. Maybe this guy needed more clinical experience to make his act more believable; I'm not buying it. I hope he rots in obscurity in prison while getting tortured regularly.
  7. That's true , but because the lawyer asked was it recorded and then a whole different statement is released leads me to be they were covering her tracks
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  9. ^That's very cool of him. :smile:
  10. I bet that totally made their day. It's nice to see such a kind gesture. I know people will say it's all PR, but I kind of doubt that.
  11. So nice of him to do that.