Rave Mason Pearson is the BEST brush EVER!!!!

  1. Decided to do a personal thread to set the record straight hehe :smile: All I can say is where has it been all my life???? So, in short, I have very very thick wavy and curly hair. I'm 23 years old but my hair has been falling out a LOT for quite some time. I counted that everytime I take shower, about 100 of them fall out. I normally use a round brush by Paul Mitchell. My mom has been saying to be careful because although they grow back now, they might not later. She told me that my brush is like a brush used to brush a horse's hair causing them to shed haha! So, i decided to research and came across Mason Pearson.

    I bought the HANDY all boar bristles and also the POPULAR mix brush because I wasn't sure which one would be better for my hair. I bought them from nm.com. When I tried them, the handy was too small to grab all my hair. I wish nm sells the LARGE EXTRA all boar bristles I saw on masonpearson.com because I find the POPULAR mix grabs ALL of my hair and it's much better. Just yesterday, I decided to blow dry my hair with them...I counted the hair that fell out and only about 20 strands fell out!!! There was barely any hair on the brush and on the floor. It's AMAZING! I mean I understand that we all shed hair but it shouldn't be so much. This morning I brushed my hair and only 10 strands fell out which I think is AMAZING! Aside from that, I was surprised to find that they are great for blow drying as well...Made my hair really smooth.

    I'm still, however, looking for the best round brush to give me some curls. I tried Fekkai's boar bristles round brush from nm.com. However, the bristles kept falling out and they're just not good...

    If anyone has any recommendation, I would love to hear it. My hair stylist said that NanoThermic is one that he likes a lot but I don't like the fact that it's not boar bristles. I wish Mason Pearson would make a round brush...

    If anyone doesn't have Mason Pearson yet and has problems with shedding hair..Go buy them!!! They're so worth it. In fact, right after this, I'm going to also buy the Mason Pearson Rake Comb, Detangling Comb, and Styling Comb :biggrin:

    Also, if anyone knows any reputable Mason Pearson vendor, please let me know, I still want to try the LARGE EXTRA all boar bristles but afraid because I read they do make FAKES of Mason Pearson. So be careful!
  2. I like my mixed bristle junior Mason Pearson brush (bought from Nordstrom), but I don't love it. It's still such a great brush, but I hate that I still reach for the < $5 brush that I bought at Wal-Mart. I don't regret buying it, but so far, it's not *quite* the miracle that I hoped for.

    For reference, I have fine/medium hair that is somewhat dry due to highlighting and flat ironing, but not horribly so. It's about bra strap length, and it's quite thick.
  3. I have very thick straight hair and my large mixed Mason Pearson is - ready? - 25 years old! I even have the purse size one. Best hairbrush ever. And they still look great.

    beauty.com which is part of drugstore.com carries the real thing.
  4. is this brush good for thin hair? Can you tell me specifically what the brush does better than a regular nice brush? People say it leaves your hair softer- but a regular brush leaves your hair soft too. Sometimes, I think it is psychological..i just can't wrap me head around spending $200+ on a hair brush. Someone please explain :smile:
  5. The MP one is beyond my threshold on spending on a hairbrush, so instead I decided to get a Frédéric Fekkai one from Sephora. Similar brush but at around half the price. So far it's been working pretty well so I don't think I will get the MP one! Though I must say that the mixed bristle brush (even for the FF one) is wayyyy better than all the other brushes I've tried, so I'd believe that the MP one is pretty good. It does leave my hair softer, smoother and spreads out the natural oils in my hair more evenly.
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  6. I bought mine when my hair was waist length in my 20's. It is very very thick and straight but now chin length. I broke at least 2 hairbrush handles - one was wood! Never had that problem with the MP. And look how long I have had them.
    Boar bristles are soft and mixed with nylon harder ones gives the brush the oomph it needs to go thru my hair. As to thin hair needs I can't address that. Anyone?
  7. Yep! I have thin hair - quite a bit of it, but super thin! I also switched to the MP (I have it in the Handy and purse sizes), and I am so happy I did! I use the mixed bristles ones (boar and nylon).

    Since using the MP brush (for close to 2 years now), I lose way less hair. Detangling is done in a snap (and trust me, thin hair is horrible that way!), and I can go longer between hair washes. I also used to need to replace my hair brushes every couple of years or so (sometimes more often). I don't foresee needing a new hairbrush in a long long time: my MPs still look like I got them yesterday.

    They don't look like it, but I actually also find them extremely comfortable to hold.

    Oh, and I also bought the detangler comb, for when I get out of the shower, to get through my wet hair, and OMG!!! I hesitated a long time before getting this one, as it really seemed too expensive for a plastic comb, but like for the brushes, it's worth every penny! It's smooth, feels great on the scalp and in the hand, and gets through knots without pain and like they aren't there.

    So in my experience, MPs are definitely great on thin hair too :smile:

    You can also order them from tressence.com, they are genuine and very good value. They ship from the west coast.

    Hope this helps :smile:
  8. I'm another MP fan -- I bought the pocket size brush with the boar and nylon mix and love it! I now plan to get a larger size too -- my experience is that the boar and nylon mix is better for thicker hair which I have and I have a wide tooth comb too that is great for wet hair -- MP is expensive but for me worth it!
  9. For me the MP detangles my hair in a way that is very gentle plus giving a little scalp massage -- I'm not sure what I do in my sleep but I often wake up with mats and tangles in my hair -- before it would take a long time to comb out my hair and a regular brush was much too soft to handle this but with the MP brush I can comb out tangles quickly and it's gentle and doesn't hurt -- MP seems to combine the best of both combs and brushes -- I use the boar and nylon combo which is stronger and better for coarser hair than the boar only versions
  10. I just bought one of these from NM. The Handy size. I shed like crazy and am hoping this helps. Saw it on a beauty blog and the reviews here really help. Thanks!
  11. My 11 yr old notices the different between my Mason Pearson and her Sonia Kashuk I bought her to keep her out of my bathroom, lol!
  12. I love my MP. Always have, always will. I don't think it helps much with shedding, though, even if it is really gentle. If one's hair is falling out, one's brush is not the reason (I've used the same brush for quite some time). It can be stress, bad nutrition, hormones...

    Btw, I've got the pure bristle one and it's great for my fine hair.
  13. I have a Junior MB brush that I bought in a pharmacy in London, I notice that my hair becomes more shiny when I brush it with my MP and I love it!
  14. Love my pink Mason Pearson brush, it's hands down the best hairbrush I've ever used.