Masking tape sewn into my new Siena pm!!!

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  1. So I picked up this little cutie at my local boutique:


    It looked fine to me in the boutique, but when I got home, I looked at it a little more carefully and found what appears to be a 4 inch long piece of masking tape SEWN INTO THE PURSE. It looks like it was put on the pocket material during assembly, and then was not removed after the double pocket was sewn to the purse - sewn right through the tape. I would have removed it, but since it is sewn into the purse I'm afraid some tape residual would be left at the seam. Good grief. Talk about quality control (or lack thereof). For what it's worth, it is MIU.

    Here's a pic:[​IMG]

    Has anyone seen anything like this before?

    I immediately called my SA and she was aghast. I'm taking it back tomorrow. I'm not sure if I will exchange it for another Siena or just get my money back. This has really left a sour taste with me regarding LV quality. So sad.
  2. I got a Siena pm and mine was fine. But I have never seen that before, but it's not to say it can't happen. I would definitely take it back and get another one. That is poor unlit you control.
  3. Wow. How disappointing and totally unacceptable. How can this be missed ?! But if you want the bag, don't let someones silly mistake leave you with a bad taste for LV (as hard as that might be). Check a few others out and make sure your new one is okay if you do decide to re purchase. Hope you're happy with whatever decision you make and keep us updated !
  4. Thank you. My SA is wonderful and said immediately to bring it back. I really do like the bag, and have never had any problems with my other LVs. I just wonder how such a thing could occur with a bag at this price point. I know that nothing is perfect, but this is so blatently a quality issue ..... it seems a couple of basic quality control steps were skipped. And it seems like there have been a lot of discussions about quality issues lately On the other hand, maybe people have more forums - like this one - to share issues. Wondering if the MIF bags have as many problems. :thinking:
  5. I think all of my bags are MIF just because that's pretty normal in the UK and I've had a few problems, made a few exchanges and seen some awful bags in store when I've had to ask to see a few more. (A fuschia epi alma with tiny holes all over the front of the bag like it had been hit really hard with a hair brush or something - strange! ). I honestly don't think where they are made makes much difference anymore !
    Something as silly as this shouldn't happen no matter where it's made. As you say, it seems basic quality control steps were missed which is a little worrying.

    Every time I see something like this my heart sinks a little. I still love LV though, I just can't help myself ! And I'm certain if you looked at a few more you would find one that's perfect for you ! Equally, if you decide not to re purchase it's totally understandable but it would be a real shame to miss out on such a beauty :smile:
  6. Lol I don't know if knowing that the MIF bags are having problems too makes me feel better or worse :nogood:

    I hope LV gets their act together soon. I know what you mean about still loving LV and not being able to help yourself. I love my LV things and the memories attached to them. I think so many of us feel that way, especially for items we've had a long time. For example, I have an old encre idylle Speedy that I've had for years. That bag has been through so much with me, and the uncoated canvas - well, you can imagine how it looks now. But I love it's dog-eared character and the fact that not one seam has given up the ghost - the thread they used to stitch that baby must have been made of iron lol. I still get a lot of pleasure out of the scruffy old thing - its condition is perfect for taking on camping trips or accompanying me to the riding stable. I'll never get rid of that bag - too many great memories. I'd like to think my other LV bags will last just as long and hope to have great memories attached to them too. :tender:

    So, fingers crossed that they fix the quality issues. Wonder if they read these posts.
  7. Now that is really weird. Hope your next bag is perfecto :smile:
  8. Haha okay... This sucks for you OP but it's quite hilarious!
    I bet someone at the factory got fired and made this bag as a big "FU" before walking away!
  9. I'm sorry to say but I had to chuckle and shake my head when I saw the pic. No, that's not normal and it's the first time I've ever heard of that happening but try not to let it affect your perception of the brand. Just go in, exchange for a different one, and laugh off the whole experience as it is quite funny...just joke with your SA about how some macaroons would help soothe your frustration (the ones at LV are quite tasty).
  10. Well...if so, good thing they aren't a cook!
  11. Or a doctor, tattoo artist, dentist, etc.:lol:
  12. Macaroons and champagne!
  13. How does this blatant mess up get pass QC? I can understand other mess ups which are hard to notice but this? I do think though that if u love the bag, get another one, just inspect it thoroughly or have ur SA inspect it for u if u can't. I find for the most part, LV will stand behind their products so don't worry too much.
  14. When I bought my Siena MM last September 2015 at the boutique in Las Vegas, I noticed that the MIFs had mismatched patterns on the sides, so I waded throught 3-4 of them that the SA brought out, and chose a Made in USA which was perfectly lined up. I think it's just hit or miss, but as others have said, best to examine closely in person before you buy. Other than the masking tape issue, sure you will love the bag, it holds a lot and hangs so nicely on the bod.
  15. I second this!