Mask mandate expires for US flights!


Sep 18, 2016
Fwiw even before covid I don’t drink/eat on flights or I try not to. I hate using the airplane toilets and I also dislike when people grab the back of my seat head rest when moving in/out so I try to keep that at a minimum myself.

the food is not really that stellar to begin with but maybe that’s just me?

Of course I’m also with the opinion of, it would be really nice if we could just board the plane, sleep, and viola arrive at the destination.

Cornflower Blue

Feb 27, 2008
I hate travelling with a vengeance. It is the most unpleasant experience and you've got to pay for it??

If I want to have a holiday abroad, travel or traverse my country by air, I'll do it and will endure it to reach my destination. Just to reiterate, I hate it, have always hated it, masks or no. Makes no difference to me.

'Beam me up Scotty' is where I'm at ...:yes:


Dec 11, 2007
I will continue to mask. Against everything that has happened over the last two years, it has been a minuscule burden. We still don't know the long-term effects of even mild covid cases on healthy people (early onset dementia or newly chronic conditions like brain fog or heart problems). And as others have mentioned, I don't want to endanger my immunocompromised or otherwise vulnerable neighbors.


Mar 8, 2011
Let's think about "masks" for a moment. We've all seen many masks that simply pass the criteria of "wearing a a mask" that you know are completely worthless in terms of decreasing germs in either direction. I'd hope anyone who wishes to continue wearing a mask is actually wearing a mask that is manufactured to dramatically decrease the spread of germs/viruses. I was always surprised to see a "mask mandate" in the past that didn't define the quality of the mask. Because that always defeated and will continue to defeat the entire purpose.


Mar 24, 2009
Goodbye Mask Theater! Putting on a mask and taking if off to eat and drink during the flight is useless! Most people are wearing cloth masks or not wearing them properly, also useless! It’s been a mostly silly exercise.
ok, if it was theater, how come health professionals do wear masks in hospitals?
I think that now that we have a better handle on the virus, it makes sense to make mask wearing optional but let’s not minimize the effectiveness of masks either.
I will masks on airplane and public transportation because I notice that I have not suffered from allergies or got a cold since the whole affair.
Do not breath on me por favor:lol:


Feb 23, 2017
For the U.S. from what I'm hearing local government agencies are being left with implementing mask wearing. Certain large airports mask wearing is in effect but once you get on the airplane it's optional. Then the rules varies again from state to state or local cities. Right now the CDC haven't issued a response yet to this change. I thought guidelines stated if your in close contact with someone and your not sure of their vaccination status to mask up? For me a negative test status is my comfort level.
So I will continue to mask up no allergy problems for me.


Jun 7, 2006
I just flew from SC to NY yesterday. I entered the Savannah airport not knowing which way the local rules would tip, but it was as follows: Very few people working (gate agents, TSA, staff) were wearing masks. Most passengers were not. Some in each category were, but it was the minority. Pilot announced that masks were no longer mandatory, and nearly everyone clapped/cheered. Once I got to Dulles for connection, the number of people masking was much higher, perhaps around 65%. I think compliance will largely follow regional tendencies.

During a trip to HI in January I had the pleasure of meeting a traveling immunologist. We discussed the stringent mandates in HI, and the effectiveness of masking. I had to ask her opinion. Her take was as follows: "When I'm asked to mask, this is what I use (and she holds up a beaded fashion mask, clearly not medical grade). It satisfies the 'requirements', as nearly all the mask mandates are ineffective unless it's true N95+ with zero contact with another surface (e.g. hands, so no removal/re-use etc). The only thing truly effective is your immune system as this virus mutates to something less lethal, so either get the vaccine or get covid and let your body deal with it". I thought it was interesting as I always prefer to get information from something other than media. I also know a respiratory therapist who specifically was sent in to NY to help deal with COVID cases during the heat of the crisis, and HE won't even get vaccinated. My point here is not what to do/not to do, but that as much as there are varying statements of "fact" from outside sources, there are differing opinions on what works/doesn't even from those deep in the trenches of working with the virus. I think as this unfolds further people should have the right and feel comfortable doing what is in their best interests to protect themselves.


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Sep 13, 2005
I personally will continue to wear a mask - I feel fine wearing it and also am happy to offer that kindness to those who are immunocompromised to potentially stop the spread of any germs towards them. Our daughter has faced ample health issues, and I always appreciate anyone who is upfront with me if their kids/family are sick so we can avoid it. What is a simple stomach bug for one person can land our daughter hospitalized.

I will say I am mostly happy for this not to be enforced on my kids. While my daughter will wear her mask (she's 5), my son does the best he can but he is only 3, and having him wear a mask can be tricky depending on his mood. He also clearly didn't understand being able to take it off so often to drink water/snack, then have to put it back on, and while we still worked with him to wear his mask, I felt so much stress over it becoming a major issue with the airline. That is a huge burden lifted for me personally, as I know we can still have him wear a mask, but if he is being spicy as I like to call it, I won't have to worry about being kicked off the plane.