Mask Fashion


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Jun 29, 2017
I think people will start color coordinating their outfits with their masks. There are crafty people in TPF who fashioned masks out of the dustbags for their designer bags. It's pretty neat!

There is a Japanese company that manufactures masks (for pollen allergies and dust) that has a website showing stylish outfits coordinated with their masks. Arax Pitta Mask

Look1.png Look2.png Look3.png

I used their masks before the pandemic for my seasonal allergies. They come in an array of colors and has a cult following.

I do wear surgical grade mask when I'm at the office (my employer provides them for all employees). I wear my pitta masks just for when I'm outside getting the mail or doing a quick run to the convenience store.


Mar 24, 2009
:biggrin:No, sorry I don't. I will think about it. :biggrin:
And here are for my under 10 years of age nieces
If you want to do it yourself, search for the DIY 3D face mask with pocket or replaceable insert.:heart:
Thank you.
Your designs are the bomb:heart:
Truly amazing talent.
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