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  1. What mascara does everyone use? I am looking for a Mascara that doesn't flake and smear under the eyes, preferably water proof. What one is the best?

  2. I think Blinc is the best. You can get it at Sephora.
  3. for a real non-budge waterproof mascara theres revlon's colorstay line... but it feels like cement and REALLY dosnt come off.
    after many failed attepts with countless mascaras, im now trying sephora's waterproof brand and so far so good. i'd buy this one again.
  4. YSL

    really wonderful!
  5. I hate mascara so I use the clear mascara by Maybelline I love it!
  6. Thanks!!:yes:
  7. I like Dior Show
  8. I love Dior Show too!!! I also have Benefit's Bad Gal.

  9. I like Dior Show but I'm turned onto Chanel's mascara now. Both are good.
  10. I saw a posting a while back about this and went to Sephora to get Blinc.. and have been in love ever since. I LOVE IT! It is everythingproof... well, maybe not swimming.. but IMO it stays looking fresh all day!
  11. i love benefit's get bent! :smile:
  12. bad gal (on me) has NO saying power, it ends up all over the underneath of my eyes with in hours. i was very dissapointed. i also found clinique's mascaras makes little gooey black things on the inside of my eye..yuck :yucky:
  13. Dior Show!:yes:
  14. DiorShow too!
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