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  1. I am asian and got short eyelashes. Recently I bought an eyelash curler from shiseido? Well thats how well I know my make-up brands :p Anyway, it works really good!
    Problem is im having a hard time finding a good mascara that gives me long eyelashes without making them sink down again..

    I did actually find one..but then I get one or two eyelashes long and the rest is so so looking..I want them to be long - and many!

    Without using fake ones..any suggestions?
  2. dior!
  3. i'd try an eyelash primer, such as shu uemera's one underneath whatever mascara you're currently using-i've found that if you curl after the primer, your eyelashes hold the curl much better.

    i'd recommend YSL's everlong-it's an amazing mascara IMO, and i like it much better than diorshow (partially because diorshow makes my eyes water and sting non-stop, which no other mascara has ever done to me)
  4. Diorshow is incredible!
  5. Dior Show Mascara :tup:
  6. imju fiberwig is perfect for short asian lashes - it elongates like crazy!
  7. For lengthening I like Dior Ultimeyes or YSL Everlong.
  8. Another vote for Diorshow. :yes:
  9. Diorshow! :heart: It lengthens and thickens each lash.

    I also recommend Shu Umera for eyelash curler. It's great for stubborn Asian lashes like mine.
  10. The eyelash curler made by Tarte is unbeatable. GUARANTEED to make any eyelashes reach as high as they can go. Top it off with a mascara by Dior. Blackout is pretty good.
  11. I bought Fiberwig from Sephora last week. I don't like it. It doesn't do anything for my lashes at all.
  12. Dior Show is great, but best for people with bigger eyes, the brush is soo huge it takes over small eyes.

    Chanel Inimitable is greaaat I just picked up another tube today, it actually curls my naturally straight lashes!
  13. I second that. I got a sample from Sephora and didn't work well for me. I'd recommend the Lasting Lift from Shiseido, or my current fave, Chanel Inimitable.
  14. Have you tried using more than one mascara. I think maybe a tiny wand mascara first to coat the first lashes to elongate them a little bit and then a thicker bigger wand mascara to thicken them.
  15. chanel intimidable is the best! it comes in waterproof now too.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.