Mascara/Wanting to wear make-up more too!

  1. Hello i've never been in this section its very interesting!Anyway,I have bit of a problem.See I love make-up but wear nothing either at all at times or just powder, foundation,and maybe some lip gloss.I've only gotten my face done for my wedding day 4 yrs ago and a few proms in the past.

    I think i'm allergic to mascara but it only bothers me on one eye.I don't understand is it just certain mascaras or what?Also I got my face done by MAC a couple of times and I liked it should I go back to them.I'm not good at putting on makeup but I want to learn.I'm 28yrs and I feel bad cause my 7yr is crazier about it more than me,lol.Any advice would greatly be appreciated.I have a profile pic so if you got any advice on what colors for eye shadow would work for me would be appreciated as well.
  2. A great company to start of with would be trish mcevoy, they are especially trained to teach people how to apply make up vs. some companys who just hand you the item for you to do (like dior for example).
  3. I think you would look great in some shimmery gold/brown shades of eyeshadow. I wonder if a different formula of mascara would work for you, as well. Are you extremely allergic? If you are, maybe just try adding false lashes to make your eyelashes stand out. Check this thread:

    If you are not very allergic, maybe you could try a different formula of mascara. Blinc Kiss Me "tube" mascara makes a formula that puts tubes on your lashes and it only comes off with warm water and gentle pressure. I use it all the time for the beach, but it's not your typical mascara. Website here:

    Good luck!
  4. Oh, another idea would be to just use clear mascara (I know Cover Girl used to make some) just to make them look more defined, and perhaps an eyelash curler if you can't use regular mascara.

    And I think some pretty bold shades of eyeshadow such as those that MAC makes might also look nice for a fun night out!
  5. I think MAC is the perfect place for you to try! I LOVE them! You can book an appointment with them and they actually take the time to show you how to apply everything and they'll help you with all the colors that will work for you! Just another suggestion, Fusion makes an awesome mascara as well!!! ;) Good luck and have fun!!!!
  6. I'm always looking for new makeup products and I LOVE this one!!!! Thanks so much for posting!! ;):tup::yes::yahoo:
  7. Ooooh thanks ya'll.I really appreciate it.

    aarti: I'll have to look into that line.

    exotikittenx: Thanks for looking at my pic and seeing what would probably look good on me.I gotta check that thread out.For some odd reason it is only my right eye.Don't ask me why.The day of my wedding I can't remember what the lady did but she had to wipe it off cause my right eye tends to start itching.I even tried at home.It was some clinique mascara I remember,lol.
    I don't have an eyelash curler and I've been meaning to invest in one.Thanks for the advice.I need all the help I can get.

    My DH is deployed and he's coming home for good and I was telling him when he gets back and we're running the streets I want to look even better.My hair and clothes look great but I feel like I'm leaving out something ya know.I'm tired of looking like a kid and I'm 28yo.
  8. I'd suggest you get a good eyelash curler (Shiseido's is fab), and maybe some clear mascara. For the rest of your face, I'm afraid I can't really say. I'm a blush/mascara/gloss kinda girl.
  9. Thats cool everyone has their own thing and hopefully i'll find whats great for me soon.I'll look into that eyelash curler.

  10. You're very welcome! :smile: Let us know what you do!
  11. I sure will I'm going out of town next week so hopefully DH can take the kids and I can focus.I hate taking my 3yr with me to look for make-up ya know!