Mascara on lower Lashes?

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  1. I love mascara, it's a staple in my everyday makeup. I like my lashes to look full, long and super sexy. But the thing is, I don't ever put mascara on my lower lashes. I think it's because it's just hard for me to put it on. I end up looking like I have raccoon eyes and it's just difficult for me to do.

    So my question is; Do you use mascara on your lower lashes and does it truly make a difference in your total eye look?
  2. I only use a tiny bit on my lower lashes because I have really small lashes on the bottom.
  3. yes I use it on my lower lashes and yes it makes a DEFINITE difference! my eyes do not look "done" unless I am wearing atleast a dry swipe of mascara.
  4. Sometimes I don't because my eyes look fresher in a sense without mascara on the bottom. if i don't use mascara on the lower lashes i use thicker liner on the top.
    my lashes are tiny so i usually use mascara on the bottom though
  5. When I do make up for people, I ALWAYS put mascara on the lower lashes, I think full bottom lashes are just as sexy as full top lashes! Whenever I do it, I just put a couple coats, and if I get some on their skin, I just simply clean it off with a q-tip and some make up remover =]
  6. I wear mascara on my upper and lower eyelashes. It doesn't really make a difference for mine. I usually just dab the lower with mascara. Mascara really doesn't matter to me though because I have the weirdest eyelashes. They're really straight. I've tried using an eyelash curler, but my cheeks are so full that I can't get the curler to reach my eyelashes!
  7. I wear mascara on both my upper and lower lashes but do what looks best on you!
  8. Try using a heated curler that you just brush your lashes with! Thats what I do for mine when I want to go all out! I do that and put on a couple coats of Chanel Inimitable mascara! Both of those combined give me a natural looking curl =]
  9. I apply mascara to the upper and lower lashes. I think it helps frame the face better to do both.

    Are you using the same coat to do the upper and lower lashes? I start with the upper and then immediately do the lower lashes without getting more mascara on the brush, which helps keep the lower lashes from looking chunky. I also take a eyelash comb or a clean mascara brush to go through the lashes again if I think there is any excess.

    Hope that helps!
  10. ^^ Maybe that's why I look like a raccoon, I would tip my mascara wand back into the tube and then coat them. I will try this tomorrow and use my eyelash comb also.

    It seems like so far, most of you like to do the top and bottom. I think I might just need to practice some more and I might actually like doing both my top and bottom lashes.
  11. I totally agree with socal's way!! It's what I do. And if you mess up, you can always clean it off with a q-tip. I think it's up to you though, how you feel about how it looks on you. For me, I didn't used to wear it, now, I HAVE to have it on!
  12. I only apply mascara to my upper lashes, because I feel when I wear it on my lower lashes it just adds to the darkness under my eyes.
  13. I don't, I'll look like a cat if i eyelashes are too long.....and i dun dare trim them short.......
    anyone trim yours?
  14. I knew this girl in high school who thought if she trimmed her lashes, they'd grow back thicker and faster. Needless to say it was really horrible.
  15. I just use a tad, tad bit on my lower lashes, I just tap them with the mascara wand. I think if you wear concealer, or any sort of foundation, you kind of need a tad bit of mascara on the lower lashes because the foundation gets on the lashes and kind of makes them invisible.