Mascara on eyebrow

  1. Hey guys, is it okay to coat your eyebrows with mascara? My eyebrow is quite thin and using brow pencil or powder just looks unnatural on me. Mascara looks better than using the other two. What do you think?
  2. Hmm i don't know i cant imagine it really. but if it works for you sure. I have seen somewere a like eyebrow applicator thingy hard to explain...They use it on Ugly betty so it makes their eyebrows look more full i will try and find it for you if you want?
  3. I've done it but now I use wax with a powder over it. The trick is to get a lighter powder than your actual hair color so that it doesn't look harsh.
  4. i use tinted brow gel to tame my brows
  5. i've heard about this and tried it once and i will never try it again. my eyebrows looked too thick and weird but if you like it than by all means.
  6. I use clear mascara to hold my eyebrows in place. Never tried a "color" though.
  7. I think its fine to do so. Whatever makes you look good. Brow powders and pencils also look harsh on me, so I use a light gray eyeshadow to fill in my brows.
  8. try a brow pencil in the right color, just lightly on there, and then cover with clear mascara, works like a charm!
  9. nope Mac do Mascara for the brows .. Personally i don't like them. only like the clear one.
  10. Sorry, but I can't imagine putting mascara on my brows. I use a Chanel brow pencil in taupe-blond which I love to fill mine in.
  11. Yup, you can do that if you wish, but use the OLDEST mascara you can find lying around :yes: New ones are way too runny and will look "gloppy"