Mascara for eyelashes that are already long??

  1. I searched for a thread like this, but nothing really came up..
    So i have really long eyelashes (up to my eyebrows). However, they stick completely straight out which really annoys me. Even when i curl them and put mascara on (i use the crappy pink tube) they always manage to uncurl themselves by the end of the night. Any recommendations for a mascara that keeps the curl? And obviously doesn't clump, etc. I just really don't care much about lengthening..
    Thanks! :yes:
  2. Have you tried heating your eyelash curler? It really helps! You just take a metal curler and blow a hairdryer on it until it gets warm (but not too hot) and curl your lashes as usual. It works just like a curling iron! I tried a heated eyelash curler from Sephora, but I personally think the hairdryer trick works better :shrugs:

    As for mascara, Bourjois makes a good one for what you need:
    The applicator is a tiny comb, so you won't get any clumps and if you sort of push your lashes up with the comb as you apply, they'll stay up all day. I have long lashes too and I LOVE Bourjois mascaras!
  3. I have really long eyelashes too but mine are naturally curled. I use Chanel's Inimitable mascara. It claims to lengthen your lashes, but it doesn't really lengthen mine so you don't have to worry about them making your lashes look even longer. My friends who use this say it holds their curl all day. (any mascara will hold the natural curl of my It's not clumpy and makes your lashes look sexy. :amuse:
  4. My lashes aren't short but I don't know if I would consider them to be long. They definitely don't like to stay curled. I use L'Oreals Telescopic Mascara. I don' t know if it lengthens since I don't have the bottle with me right now but I haven't noticed that. It helps keep my lashes curled for hours. And it hasn't clumped on me yet.

    It might sound silly but have you tried trimming your lashes. I'm sure they have more weight to them since they are longer. Maybe having less weight will help them stay curled longer.
  5. Lissi, I have trimmed my lashes before!! My lashes would touch my reading glasses when I wore them. So one day I got so fed up with that I just trimmed them. Even after trimming some people would ask where I got my "natural looking faux lashes". :biggrin: Somehow I managed to inherit long eyelashes. Asians usually don't have super long lashes..KWIM?
  6. Awesome! So I'm not crazy for suggesting that. :nuts: I was starting to worry. I think it's worth a shot.
  7. my lashes are extremely long and thick and I have to cut them all the time due to my glasses and contacts. IMO chanel inimitable is the all around best mascara for all types.
  8. I found my twin!! LOL ;) We share the same eyelashes it seems like..and we both love the same mascara!

    Okay sorry..I get excited when people share the same favorites as me. :shame:
  9. I feel stupid now for not heating my eyelash curler :sweatdrop:
    Thanks for the tip, and i definitely think i I'm going to buy that mascara.

    I've heard wonders about Chanel's inimitable mascara, but it's just too dang expensive for my pitiful beauty budget!

    Wow.. i would have never thought about trimming my eyelashes :wtf:
    I'd be too afraid that i would twitch and miss and end end up takeing a chunk out:roflmfao:
  10. Just keep your lashes how they are ;) Trust me, ladies would kill for lashes that are almost too long like ours. I guess you always want what you don't have, right?
  11. ^^ Too true, too true. My eyelashes are actually my only feature though that don't wish were different.

    I inherited my lengthy lashes from my mom, who always loves to tell me this story. When she was in her twenties she went on a date with this guy. Over dinner he asked her if her eyelashes were real (very classy guy..), and so of course she said yes. Well apparently he didn't believe her, because halfway through the meal he reached over and yanked on her eyelashes, thinking she was lying and he could pull them off!

  12. You ladies are giving me a heart attack talking about cutting eyelashes :shocked:

    Mine touch my lenses too, but I'm not coordinated enough to use scissors anywhere near my eyes!!! I wouldn't want to cut mine anyway... Like agreenst said, it's one of the few parts I don't want to change!

    Try the blowdryer trick-- it really works! And btw Bourjois mascara is <$15 a tube and it's made by Chanel ;)
  13. LOL that is too funny, agreenst! I would be offended if the guy tugged on my lashes though. LMAO.. :biggrin:
  14. OMG agreenst... lol... i woulda slapped him!
    *JEalous* priiin! I have pretty long lashes, but they aren't curly... typical-ish Asian lashes! :p Oh well, curler + Chanel = lovely lashes ;)
  15. Oh yes, how could I forget. I heart my Shu Uemura curler. Sometimes if I'm lazy I just curl my lashes to give them an extra lift and I don't wear mascara. However I'm like a mascara addict..I love to put it on when I really don't need to. :amuse: