MA's Prey on insecurities to make a sale

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  1. Do you agree? The other day I went to MAC with my friend. All I wanted to buy was some black eyeliner. I walked out with Eyeliner, Eyeshadow, blush, highlighters, concealers, and some new brushes all because the MA said that my eyes seemed dull and needed to be accented more to take away attention from some Acne Scars. I was like ok, what do you recommend. She kept pushing me towards products and I kept eating it up. I meant to only buy a $13 eye pencil and ended up spending nearly $80 on products.
  2. i got that with the MA's at Lancome.

    but the MAC near me sucks. the music is extra loud and you have to knock down a shelf to get their attention
  3. I don't necessarily agree. I'd say that MA did an amazing sale. She just did her time just get the liner and go!! If they recommend something else, tell them you'll definitely think about it but for now you'll just stick to this one thing and that you promised yourself you wouldn't buy more this visit.
  4. I think every counter except for MAC (well around here) is friendly and helpful. Go to MAC and they act like you killed their puppy if you ask for help. So I only go if I want to see a shade or something and go home and buy it from the website.

    To the OP, that's what they are supposed to do. It's called Suggestive selling. They can get in trouble and eventually get fired if they don't play upon your flaws. A $13 eyeliner could easily be turned into a concealer and mascara in a potential sale. Are you happy about your purchases?
  5. ^I am happy with my purchase but I can't help but feeling I was taken advantage of
  6. There is a reason i buy most of my MAC online , I don't like someone trying to twist my arm to get me to buy a bunch of stuff I don't need . At the largers Macys the MA at Mac tell me every single color looks great on me , no matter what it looks like , it gets on my nerves after awhile
  7. Gee, I am sad to hear so many unpleasant MAC experiences. I have had nothing but great experiences at my local counter.
    However, I have gotten the hard sell at other counters and at other types of stores. I know these folks are under pressure to sell product, but the high pressure approach doesn't work on me. I spend more money when I am not being pushed to commit to anything.
  8. Only you can make yourself feel insecure. If you don't want all that stuff, then return it. And be prepared to say no when the SA suggests that you buy more.
  9. I wouldn't say that she preyed upon any insecurities, I honestly think that she was only doing her job (sorry don't mean that in a harsh tone toward you) and adding on to the sale. I don't know about MAC, but I do know that many stores give their employees sales goals, and within the actual amount they are supposed to sell they are supposed to sell a certain number of items within a sale and have a goal for the total of each sale. I always hate feeling pressured when I am shopping, but I do not think the MAs intention was to make you feel badly.
  10. I never feel pressure. I know what I need and don't need. I stick to my guns!
  11. I've never ran into that kind of situation. I'm sorry it happened to you :/ I hate pressure too and I have no problem saying a firm no to people if I just don't need or want something. In my opinion it was a little risky for her to make comments about your acne scars if you weren't asking for a concealer or foundation product.
  12. Perhaps I come across as unapproachable...but I rarely get approached when at a Sephora or MAC store. :P I prefer not to be bothered anyways. If I have a question..I'd ask.
  13. I really don't think it was nice that she pointed out your flaws like that. I do agree though that she was just doing her job. Next time just be confident in there! Say no thanks, just this today. And get the hell out of there! lol. I'm sorry you had that experience but I hope your next one is better! ;)

    Who knows, you might just love everything she recommended...? If not, you can always return it.

  14. exactly.

    was it nice? no. but she did her job and she did it well, especially in the retail world.

    that said, you should've stood up to her. if your acne scars were what the problem really was about, you should've just gotten the concealer, and kindly passed on everything else she recommended.
  15. Am I the only one that is slightly offended by the MAC SA? Its one thing to try and sell a customer something, but its also another thing to say that your eyes are dull and that you have acne. Maybe if the SA reworded like, "This eyeshadow would make your beautiful eyes pop. This blush would really accentuate your beautiful cheekbones..."

    I wouldn't insult someone inorder to try and sell them something; I'd rather compliment. But, I've never really worked in retail, so what do I know...

    I agree that the OP doesn't have to buy everything the SA suggested though. I'd just ignore any SA's comments next time.