Marzipan Babies

  1. These Babies are made of cake frosting! Aren't they cute ?:love: :love: :love:

    Even though it's marzipan i don't think that i could eat them! :lol:
    ATT2117026.jpg ATT2117027.jpg ATT2117028.jpg ATT2117030.jpg ATT2117031.jpg
  2. Actually, those aren't made of marzipan. They're made of polymer clay and mohair. Snopes had an article about these little cuties.

    They are cute though. I just don't think you'd want to eat them even if they were actually made of something edible.
  3. OMG those aren't cute at all. They are scary.
  4. hm...that's weird....just got them through mail and there was explained that they were made of marzipan! I guess i shouldn't believe everything they send me:lol:

    They are still so cuteeeee :love:
  5. :lol: :lol: :lol:
  6. I have to agree...:weird: . It's scary how real those look.
  7. Agreed...very scary....eerrr!!
  8. Scarily real? Yes! But still cute!
  9. Insanely nice detailing! Cute, but too creepy to eat if ever edible.
  10. I was about to say something similar. Just the thought that they might be edible makes me queasy. :sick:
  11. Too cute. Gives a new meaning to I could just eat you up. lol
  12. Aren't they amazing! The artist has a website, and she sells them in different sizes. If I collected dolls, I think I'd have to have one. :o)
  13. OMG, they creep me out! lol
  14. Ok they are cute yes, but I would NEVER want to eat something looking like a real live baby!!
  15. They offer those "clay babies" on ebay, no? I think the clay ones are actually quite popular...the artist's have amazing patience!! :smile: