marzia bag?

  1. I just saw a Marzia made in italy bag at TJMaxx. I've seen this brand before and I always think the leather feels divine, but I can't ever find ANYTHING on them. I did a search here and there is only two posts - one, how to make it more structured, two, how to clean washed leather... not much info there.

    There was a recent eBay auction that had one similar to the one I saw, it' was this:

    Though the one in the store was regular washed leather, not ostrich and a completely different style...

  2. No idea about the company...but the bag looks cute!
  3. Sorry, I've never heard of Marzia :shrugs:
  4. Well, I ran out to get it. I can always return it or sell it on eBay, but it is SUCH a nice bag and they are NOT CHEAP!! It has a divider down the middle which is also a zippered compartment. I attached the photos below:
  5. ^^ OOH, the leather looks soo smooshy! I believe I'm the one who asked how to make mine more structured. The quality for the leather is what attracted me to it, but I couldn't take the plunge when I first saw it. I went back like 3 months later and found it again, thought it was meant to be and bought it :happydance: Though, it hasn't been getting much play time lately.... After getting so many more bags, I have been debating if I should continue to keep it or try selling it. :shrugs:
  6. You can tell it's nice leather even through the computer screen, VERY Soft and squishy!

    And yep, it was you - the only person to mention this brand, though I've seen them at TJMaxx off and on for quite awhile!
  7. I'm glad you're enjoying your Marzia. The leather is so soft to the touch. Mine has a special spot that is the softest compared to the rest of the bag and I love smooshing it. I also like how mine has some leather inconsistency, which makes it more special. I just wish the lining was made of better quality, then it would really be a great bang!
  8. I know that these messages were from Nov.2006, but this is like the only thing I could find on Marzia bags. My husband's grandmother gave me a Marzia bag that she bought years ago, and it's still in good condition and it's gorgeous. I've never heard of this brand so I looked it up and only found this I love it. Has anyone found any information since you wrote these posts?
  9. I saw a yellow color marzia in Marshall's the other day. Beautiful leather and a spacious one to kepp a mini laptop as well. I liked it because of the incoming summer trend as well.

    But it was marked $200 (after reducing from $379). It wsa a little too much. I thought of going back home and doing some research on this brand as I've never seen it in other brand stores before. This is the only useful thread that I found :biggrin:

    Don'w know if it's worth buying or not?? confused:wondering
  10. I saw some Marzia bags with incredibly soft, beautiful leather at Marshalls too. This company must be a closely guarded secret because you just can't find much info about them. It's a shame because if these bags had a "known" name on them they would probably be selling like crazy.
  11. I bought this Marzia bag at TJ Maxx last summer:

    The leather's a little thin but so soft and smooshy. The interior isn't all that great though, and it comes with a long strap without a proper place to attach it. I haven't used it too often for that reason. But for $120, the leather is overall really nice.
  12. Never heard of them. If you get it post more so I can learn.
  13. Marzia has a website,
    I love their bags, so soft and the colors are great. I love how the bags are versatile and the quality is great, I only have one but I have been eyeing some others at Marshalls.
  14. Just bought a deep red hobo from Marshalls today. I love the feel of the leather, it's so soft! Like someone mentioned, the lining is just "ok". Love petting her though:p
  15. I have never heard this brand. Checked their website, and I really like this one.