Marysville/Tulalip Outlet Extra 10% off 11/30-12/2

  1. I stopped by the Coach Outlet store today at the Marysville / Tulalip Mall in Washington State and they were handing out coupons for an extra 10% off anything in the store this weekend only.
  2. :yes: Same with the Coach outlet store in Castle Rock, Colorado! :smile:
  3. Hi Kerri,

    Did you have any good finds in the store? Hopefully the snow would stop tomorrow and I could go.
  4. I got a double handle makeup bag in Cardinal Red, and a matching makeup bag in the same color with no handles to go with it. I was eyeing some crossbody bags that they had in the back. The makeup bags were 40% off plus the extra 10%. They had a lot of cute stuff, but I was with my 5 year old Son, and he is really hard to shop with unless I get in and out quickly before his attention span expires.

    Good news, it is raining here, so the snow should melt off really fast.