Marylebone or Totally MM DE

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  1. Please help me decide!!!
  2. I vote Marylebone.

    I love mines
  3. Totally DE
  4. What do you intend to use it for? If you are looking for a purse to take to work and going out, I would vote for the marylebone. If you want a multi function tote bag, I would go with the totally.
  5. Totally DE. :smile:
  6. I like the Marylebone best but both are beautiful.
  7. Marylebone :tender:
  8. Marylebone!! Love mine.. It's very comfortable and holds a lot!
  9. Totally de
  10. This is a hard decision!! I like both!
  11. Do the handles crack on the Marylebone?
  12. Maryleborne. So cute!
  13. Marylebone! It's on my wish list. To me, it's everything I want my Neverfull to be (and, I love my Neverfull).

  14. I heard.. Yes.. You can check on the clubhouse..
  15. marylebone for sure!!👍