MaryKates Jumbo Chanel = Gorgeous

  1. Hi, Im a newbie to this forum, I have $2500-$3000 to spend on a bag, and I really love MK's, can anyone tell me what this bag retails at, and also what colours it comes in, as I'm making a trip to the Chanel London boutique on Tuesday, and may purchase it, thanks for your help!!:yes: :flowers:

  2. I have that bag in dark brown with silver hardware and it is gorgeous!
  3. the caviar jumbo retails for US$1695 and not sure if you buy it in lambskin :smile:
  4. no mary kate's is a bright red (either 2003 or 2005 not sure), pixel's is the 2006/2007 dark red colour (but still really vibrant!)
  5. lambskin jumbo flap is $1795.

    I hope you find something!
  6. I just bought my violet lambskin jumbo classic flap for 1860. plus tax from NM.
  7. mmm...I'm loving that jumbo classic flap!!
  8. gorgeous! Mk makes everything look better than it already is lol.

    is there a jumbo beige caviar with gold hardware?
  9. I have a jumbo beige caviar with gold hardware but I got it a few years ago. The price has increased since then.
  10. ohhh how much did u get it for?! The SA over in Singapore told me that beige caviar only comes with silver hardware.
  11. I saw a jumbo black with gold hardware 2 days ago and it was gorgeous!
  12. Frayed's right, the dark red colour still looks really vibrant. With a camera flash or in bright light it is almost the same colour as MKs. :yes:

    (I've got the dark red in caviar, it to bits :heart: )

  13. I absolutelu love this BAG.. I had a fit until I got the classic Medallion Tote in Pink- in which I love- I carry all year ROUND-
    but I can only have one more bag until I buy my new house..
    so its between this bag- which is to die FOR I LOVE THE RED, GORGEOUS !! GORGEOUS or whatever I find in VEGAS....
  14. Wow love MK's bag. Stunning color and I don't usually like red!