Mary Louise Parker's bag on Weeds season one?

  1. We just watched the first season of weeds on dvd and I fell in love with her purse. It's brown flap shoulder bag. I'll see if I can find a photo - but I was hoping someone else who loved it might already know what it is.

    TIA! :flowers:
  2. If I remember correctly, this bag was by Roots.
  3. I think it's the same bag she's carried through all the seasons? Was it the biggish medium brown slouchy hobo (did it have some small studs?)
  4. I'm pretty sure the slouchy hobo bag is by Lucky. I don't know if that's the one you're talking about though....I'm trying to remember back to season one. Love that show!
  5. if you are talking about this bag:
    Then it is a bag that is by the company called Roots. I remember it from antoher forum.

    But this was a whiiiile ago that this bag was out.

    If you're talking about another bag, then I'm not sure
  6. ^^Yes that's it!!!
  7. I've been looking for the maker of this bag for the longest time. Where can I buy one?
  8. I did a quick search for roots handbags and checked the web site and I didn't see anything that looked like that bag. The handbag in the show picture seemed really nice. Maybe isn't authentic because the handbags didn't seem that impressive to me. Maybe someone else knows more. Good luck.
  9. or maybe it's just discontinued or out of season so you can't get it anymore?
  10. I remember "Hallia" giving her crap that her bags are fakes, a couple times even... so i dont know...? Good luck tho! I thought you were talking about the big brown one that was huge!
  11. Hello from Canada! Roots is a Canadian company that has been in business for ages - probably since the 70's They starting selling leather shoes and bags and branched out into lifestyle clothing years ago - I have had several of their bags. They gained a lot of attention in the US during the Salt Lake City winter Olympics as they designed all the official merchandise.

    Here is the link....

    Hope this helps!
  12. Thanks for the link!
  13. I have that bag in black. It is called the Emily bag and was one of Roots best selling bags. It came in a LOT of different colours. They do not make them anymore but I see them pop up on eBay once in awhile.:yes:

  14. Thank god someone has it and there's proof the bag is roots... :lol: I remember this debate/topic from like 2 years ago on a different forum.


    Purse, maybe post pisc of your bag? :smile:
  15. as someone said they are a canadian company... I have one of there bags and they wonderful nothing fake about them :drool: