Mary Kate's "outfit" for the 7th On Sale Gala

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Mary Kate's Outfit

  1. Congrats to her...I like it


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  1. I usually applaued MK & A for their in your face we don't care what the world thinks about our outfits. But this is just...wrong!:tdown:


    At least she never apologizes for her own sense of style. She truly is one of a kind!! :p

    What do YOU think?!
  2. can't see pic...
  3. :wtf:

    I give her props for trying though!
  4. here's the pic
  5. that dress is horrible!
  6. I think the shoes are more horrible.:wtf:
  7. The whole getup is horrible.
  8. Oh dear dog! That's terrible.
  9. Im lost for words
  10. oh, so that's where all my kleenex went.

    which twin is this? the one that dresses really bad or the one that dresses even worse?
  11. haha sorry the pic didn't work, thanks for posting it LaLohan!

    Yeah it is pretty bad!
  12. No problem. :okay:
  13. Mariah Carey has shoes that look quite similar and they're both totally ugly!
  14. Terrible shoes, terrible dress, terrible purse, terrible makeup, terrible hair. There's nothing at all redeeming about this look.
  15. is she broke? what in the world is going out with her outfit.