Mary Kate's gold stud bag?

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  1. anybody know the brand of her bag? thanks

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  2. itn't it balenciaga?
  3. it could also be burberry?
  4. i was wondering too, hope someone comes along with something definitive
  5. i want to it sooooooooooooooooo bad >>>> i think the leather it look like the y bag from ysl and the style is sooo givenchy i really want to knowwww what brand is it :lol: lol its my dream bag
  6. Anyone?
  7. I can't help, sorry but I am loving the bag !! :smile:
  8. Here's a smidge closer look:


    Givenchy maybe?
  9. i think it's's one with similar hardware:
  10. Best guess would definitely be Givenchy. I am almost 100% that it's not Balenciaga.
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  12. definitely not a balenciaga...i would wager a guess at a Thomas Wylde bag?
  13. The Givenchy Melancholia has similar metal detailing on the strap:

  14. It's 100% Alexander Wang. From his Fall 2009 collection.
  15. They haven't had the shows for Fall 2009 yet -- is it from Pre Fall 09 or maybe Fall 2008?